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Strat Trem Trim

So you've got a Strat. With a tremolo, and it goes out of tune. But before you dash down to your dealer with the readies for that Floyd Kahler wonderwanger, why not try setting up your original tremolo correctly? That Fender-style original 'Synchronised Trem' hasn't been left virtually unchanged over the last 32 years for nothing.


Take one Strat-style guitar, fitted with your regular strings and three springs under the backplate (which you should now remove). First of all, rub pencil lead in the grooves of the nut, and under the notches under the string trees; graphite is an excellent lubricant and will stop the strings sticking.

Next, screw the six screws on the leading edge of the bridge down fully, then release them one quarter turn. Tune up. Bend the tremolo arm up and down, and listen for any pitch change. If the pitch sticks below standard tuning, screw both springplate screws in the back of the body clockwise for one turn. Wang the trem again and check the tuning. Should it stick above standard tuning, screw the springplate screws anticlockwise. The trick is to balance springs against strings, and find an optimum point at which the trem returns to normal pitch. S'easy.

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Making Music - Jun 1986


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