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Teczon 4x4 four track

Article from Making Music, March 1987


The Teczon 4x4 is a four channel, 4-track, cassette-based ministudio, with simultaneous four track record capability. This Series II is actually an improved version, differences from its predecessor being slightly altered cosmetics, a more stable tape transport mechanism, and a zero return function.

Its layout is basic and pleasantly logical. Let's follow a signal as it passes through one particular channel. Having been directed by a mic/line/tape selector, it goes through either the low impedance jack socket on the front, or the high impedance line level phono round the back. Firstly, it meets a Trim (a gain control), then it communes with both high and low EQ, before it's sent on its way by a pan pot. Where the signal goes (Track 1, 2, 3, or 4) is determined by a four way track selector (no buss left or right nonsense here). The last two controls it will encounter are a record enable switch, and an input/output control. Rather confusingly, this latter item is called a Fader, even though it's definitely an ordinary rotary knob. Saves space, I s'pose.

Recording follows a different routine from other portastudios I've used, though it is simple enough. Apart from pressing the tape machine's 'Record' control, you have to hit the 'Rec/Punch In' enable switch for the relevant track. This lights up an LED just above the relevant Fader knob, warning you which track you're recording on. To drop out of record mode, press the 'Punch Out' switch, though bear in mind that this takes all the tracks out at the same time.

Bouncing is simple enough - just allocate the track to be bounced onto with the relevant Track Selectors, and put the chosen track into record, with its input selector set to Tape. As the Teczon runs at normal tape speed, the sound degradation after several bounces is obvious, but the Dolby C makes the best of it under the circumstances. Non-bounced material stays nice and clean - better performance than the huffy dbx on my old 244.


The Teczon does have four channel record, Dolby C, a zero return, footswitch punch in control, and sensible routing. The EQ is butch, if a little inaccurate, and the VUs are good enough to make distortion easy to avoid.

The Teczon doesn't have auxiliary sends for adding effects, high tape speed, an accurate counter (do any portastudios?), a sync input, two extra inputs, proper sliding faders, and two headphone inputs. It doesn't look as good as the other machines, not by a long way, but don't let that deter you - it works well. Simple, unexciting perhaps, but effective.

SPEC - TECZON 4x4 Series II

PRICE (inc bag) £459
TAPE SPEED normal (1 7/8ips)
EQ low 100Hz± 12dB; high 10kHz ± 12dB
PITCH CONTROL ±15 percent
POWER SUPPLY 12V adaptor (£25)
BATTERIES 1.5 V batteries x 10

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Publisher: Making Music - Track Record Publishing Ltd, Nexus Media Ltd.

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Making Music - Mar 1987

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Review by Jon Lewin

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