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Tonight the hot instrumental news is read by someone with a megaphone. Strange.


Is the new 3.3/4ips four tracker from that company, and offers Dolby C ("20dB reduction without side effects"), high and low EQ, pan and aux send on each channel, 13 segment bargraphs for monitoring, and effects send and insert connection. "Satisfies the requirement for more quality than basic musical sketch books without the price penalty of high speed, feature loaded mains power four track all-in-ones," they say. Simple but not stupid is what we think they mean, at £549.95 inc VAT.


Open your diary/calendar/filofax/grubby piece of paper and write a reminder for the Hands On Show — the year's most important exhibition of personal multitrack gear. See, discuss and fiddle with items from Fostex, Tascam, Yamaha and Akai, ART, Alesis, Symetrix, Electrospace, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, Tannoy, etc — for free. Entrance to the exhibition at the Strand Palace Hotel, the Strand, London, is free, but there's a £4 registration fee if you want to attend any (or all) of the seminar sessions. More details about the sessions, and pre-registration can be had from Turnkey on (Contact Details), or write to them at (Contact Details). The show is becoming more fabishly essential every year (this is its eighth), with new product launches and demonstrations promised alongside the ogle-at-it-and-start-saving bits. Dates are November 22 and 23 from 10am to 6pm. Go.


Did you know the Prime Minister of the State of Barden Wurttemberg now has an 88 mark Hohner Comet harmonica? Not for long, however, as it's being auctioned in aid of physically handicapped youngsters. Why is this harp so special? Because it is, in fact, the one billionth harmonica to have been produced by Hohner, fast approaching their 130th anniversary. Does that make this a free puff?


What sort of guitar would you expect this to be: Chet Atkins hollow-bodied electric, master volume situated on the single cutaway, Bigsby tremolo, 21 fret neck? Well it's not. It's the new Gibson 3535, with gold hardware, PAF-ish humbuckers, and funny red neck markers, and it should cost about £800 when it arrives.


Devon bands... big times are ahead, at least as far as studio space is concerned. Honiton based recording empire Daylight are spending £10,000 on enlarging their recording complex. An upgrade from 16 to 24 track is planned eventually, but for the time being boss Ian Dent is concentrating on extending the studio's acoustic facilities. They should be able to squeeze in 100 people. Anyone fancy a choral concept album?


The first is for vocalists. Peavey's new PVM 38 mike boasting a modified cardioid polar pattern, low breath and noise distortion and a light weight (7oz). The second is for instrumentalists. The PVM 45's hypercardioid polar pattern should help in reducing the crosstalk and bleed problems that simpler cardioid mikes can introduce on stage. Peavey say both mikes are rugged with an improved shock mounting system and internal hum compensation coil. And they should know.


Get a mention in our guitar maker's A-Z, and dropped us a line to say their "long awaited" Fastback Bass is now out, featuring a 34in scale two octave neck, Armstrong pickups, passive tone circuit, and a "slapper's recess". But who wants a holiday for £749?


One of London's oldest established music shops got a facelift last month. F, D and H at the Centre Point end of Charing Cross Road began its life as a sheet music store. It's still well known for the lines and squiggly dots, which perhaps obscures the amount of gear on show — one of the country's largest selections of Gibsons, for example. The store has been split into five areas, on two levels, with sections for brass, acoustic guitars and backline. The drum room (cruelly hidden downstairs, we reckon) has a new neighbouring suite dealing with keyboards, and there's a home recording bit. Pretty colours, too.


Samarium cobalt drive units are: (a) back up systems for when the dilithium crystals go down; (b) fitted to the new range of Ross headphones like the £15.99 RE-2170CD (especially designed for portable CD players), £8.99 RE-2150 and £6.99 RE-2130, (c) there to sound impressive in print.


Rock'n'roll surgery... er... clinic, with famed bassist Jeff Berlin. So take your four string probs along with a £5 note, to the Bass Centre, in Wapping High Street, E1, on Tuesday, November 4th at 8pm.


Gunpowder, treason, plot and Roland demos. Once the fireworks are out of the way in November we can look forward to the Tommy Snyder tour, sponsored by Roland and TOA, and delivering a week's worth of demonstration shows exploring hip new products. Each lasts 1½ to 2 hours and majors on the Super JX synth, MXS70 module, GM70/GK1 guitar-MIDI system, Boss RPS-10 Digital Pitch Shift/Delay, S-50 and S-10 samplers and DEP-5 Multi-effects processor (both of the latter were reviewed in last ish). TOA are supplying the PA rig for the tour. All shows start at 8.00 (doors open 7.30 pm), prices £3.00 (£1.00 for MU members and unwaged).

Dates as follows. Monday, November 10, Newcastle, The Crest Hotel, New Bridge Street; 11th, Edinburgh, Liberty's Greenside House, 25 Greenside Place; 12th, Manchester, A1 Music, 88 Oxford Street; 13th, Birmingham, Portland Club, 100 Icknield Port Road; Edgbaston; 14th, London, The Logan Hall, 20 Bedford Way, WC1.

And while we're at it, Roland UK have set up a Customer Support Team, headed by lovable Product Manager Alan Townsend, to strengthen the advice and back up for buyers and end-users. Technical enquiries, demos, roadshows, training, they got it.


The continuing story of Making Music's wonderful BMF competition. Pictured nearby are two lucky chaps who recently found themselves in a moving-a-big-box-from-our-office scenario. Rick Harston perches on his fab new KMD combo, while Phil Matthews crouches meaningfully by his Casio CZ1000. Much murmuring along the lines of "ta very much" accompanied the pix; a Making Music operative was simultaneously visiting our local Post Office to ensure Mr E G Carpanini had his Casio SK1 sampler in one piece ere long. We reckon that Casio and KMD are deeply generous people, and we all agree, don't we. Three down, one to go — see next month's copy for the stunning denouement.


Rich Bitch Studios will be holding a seminar at the Rich Bitch Complex in Birmingham on November 2nd. The aim of the meeting is to help musicians and managers understand the workings of record contracts and the music business in general. Admission is free, but seats must be booked in advance on (Contact Details).


It seems that record tokens can now be exchanged for musical instruments, computer software, and sheet music. If we assume that yer average record token is a tenner, this means you will need 5650 aunties before you can afford a Fairlight Series III.


What do wang bars have a habit of doing to strings? S'right — breaking them. So Seymour Duncan now have a special Tremolo Reinforced set of their strings at £5.49 a set (normal ones are £4.99). SD also have new strings that go under the name of Bronzewound acoustics, also at £5.49, and stainless steel electric bass strings at £17.95 a set. Come to think of it, why is it that ordinary six-string sets can't deal with a trem?


It's getting more and more difficult to buy something these days without getting a free holiday to go with it. Hohner and AKG have cottoned on to the idea recently, though AKG's scheme is the more unbelievable. They'll give two days' free hotel accommodation for two people to all purchasers of one of ten selected microphones or headphones. Further details from suntanned AKG dealers.

Hohner's deal is a competition: all you have to do, apparently, is ask a Hohner dealer to demonstrate a PK150 keyboard and then answer some questions on it. First prize is 'a special weekend break for two at an exclusive hotel'. See you in the bar.


When you've finished this issue, you'll know: 1 Which bluesman could barre on a 12-string? 2 What's the minimum PA wattage for a thousand-seat venue? 3 Whose bass part features a 'little Spanish triad'? First correct entry to Cranium Corner, (Contact Details) by Nov 28 gets a year's free subscription.

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