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What a resounding success last month's British Music Fair turned out to be! Attendance was up on the previous year by a phenomenal 75%, with over 30,000 visitors passing through Olympia's doors this year, which could well be interpreted as a healthy sign that more people than ever are now taking a 'serious' interest in matters musical. Let's hope that's a trend which continues.

The BMF gave all of us involved with Sound On Sound a marvellous chance to meet a lot of our regular readers face to face, and I'd like to thank everyone that took the trouble to stop by our stand for the comments they expressed - good and bad - about the magazine. On that point, I didn't really have the opportunity in last month's editorial to draw your attention to the Sound On Sound Reader Survey/Competition, so I'll do so now...

On page 68 of this issue you'll find a more official reminder of this summer extravaganza, including a full rundown of the competition prizes, but for now let me emphasise that we would like EVERY single one of our regular readers (and that means you too please) to complete the survey questionnaire and send it off to us el pronto. This is your golden opportunity to have a direct say in and influence the future development of this magazine. We want to know which articles you have found most useful so far, which ones you thought were a waste of space; what you think of our editorial approach, the reviews, the features etc. So, if you regularly hear yourself uttering phrases like - "Why on earth don't they...?" or, "Great! I only wish they'd do more articles like that" - every time you pick up a copy of the mag, then do yourself and us a favour by filling out the questionnaire and sharing your views. You never know, you might just win a wonderful prize as well!

On a final note, we are looking for people capable of supplying authoritative reviews of power amplification equipment and loudspeakers used in studio, theatre or PA contexts, for an up-coming project. If anyone reading this feels they have sufficient knowledge and it is the sort of thing they wouldn't mind doing on a freelance basis and for financial reward (!), then please write in outlining why you feel you could do the job or alternatively telephone me on 0480 61244.

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The Shape Of Things To Come

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Sound On Sound - Sep 1986

Donated by: Gavin Livingstone

Editorial by Ian Gilby

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> The Shape Of Things To Come

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