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Keith Emerson - Another Chapter In The Story...

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Apr 1985

Tired of lurking in the shadows of the contemporary music scene, Keith Emerson, one of the synth world's most influential figures, is now on the verge of re-forming ELP, the band that earned him his reputation.

Keith Emerson - Image & Inspiration

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Nov 1984

Keith Emerson outlines his guide to cinema soundtracks.

Keith Emerson - Emerson/Moog

Interview | International Musician, Jun 1975

Keith Emerson

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1983

Tracing past to future ventures with one of the world's keyboard greats, including: The first publication of his title music for ‘Inferno’, video and LP reviews and keyboard music to play

Keith Emerson - Emerson Seeks A Partner

Interview | One Two Testing, Oct 1984

old-timer considers real time

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Jethro Tull's Peter Vetesse

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Sep 1983
Computer Musician in Rock

Razor Sharpe

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1985

First the BBC, then Shakatak, now a solo album: Bill Sharpe's list of Famous People is an impressive one. Dan Goldstein makes further enquiries.

Patrick Moraz

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1982

The first of our articles with this principal multikeyboard player gives you his background as a solo performer as well as his work with Yes and The Moody Blues.

The Collector

Interview | Topic: Vintage Instruments | Music Technology, May 1993

Bob Williams has one of the finest collections of analogue synthesisers in the world, and cherishes them with a care that would make the Science Museum blush. Peter Forrest crosses hill and dale to Cornwall to take a long, loving look, and uncovers a whole network of Moog and Mellotron devotees. Whatever next - 'The Antique Rhodes Show'?

Jon Lord

Interview | Music UK, May 1983

Whitesnake's Jon Lord talks gear & Technique with Gary Cooper

Style councillor

Interview | The Mix, Oct 1994

Producer extraordinaire gets interactive

The King's Keys

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Jun 1985

Life on the road with a successful pop band, described in graphic detail by King keyboardsman Mick Roberts. Interview by Tim Goodyer.

Jive Talking

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1985

Annabel Scott talks to one of the synth world's younger composers about a new album of raunchier, dynamic music, the result of his first sessions in Jive Electro's equipment-laden studio, Battery.

Synthpiana Jones

Interview | One Two Testing, Mar 1985
and The Sample Of Doom

common sense and uncommon synths

Geoff Downes - The Collector

Interview | Music Technology, Jul 1987

There can be few musicians who've amassed such a huge collection of synthesisers as the ex-Buggles keyboardist. Paul Wiffen talks to him about his machines, and finds he still finds a use for most of them.

Larry Fast - Sounds of Metropolis

Interview | Sound On Sound, Apr 1987

Mark Jenkins pins down the expert synthesist/programmer best known for his work with Peter Gabriel, and discusses the release of his eighth solo album - 'Metropolitan Suite'.

Rod Argent - An Interview with Rod Argent

Interview | International Musician, Mar 1975

Saga - Keyboards in Saga

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Jan 1984

Jim Gilmour, principal keyboard player in the band, talks to Paul Wiffen about the host of keyboards the band use onstage and in the studio. Their recent European tour increased their reputation as one of Canada's premier music-makers. Photography by Sally Newman.

Tangerine Dream - In The Dreamhouse

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Jan 1985

An ES&CM exclusive... At home with top synth pioneers Tangerine Dream, in their own recording studio - a three page special.

Tony Banks

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1983

Key man in Genesis discusses his writing and recording with the band, his solo work, and playing Genesis music live.

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Keith Emerson - MTease

Feature | Music Technology, Jan 1994

Keith Emerson progresses through our questionnaire

Keith Emerson - Emerson

Feature | One Two Testing, Jul 1984

a life story

This artist was mentioned in these other articles

Total Recall - Part 13

Feature Series | Topic: Vintage Instruments | The Mix, Sep 1994

including The A-to-Z of Analogue

Back to Back

Feature | Topic: Advertisement Feature | International Musician, Aug 1986

Keith Emerson On Korg. Gordon Giltrap On MIDI Guitars Peter Oxendale On Sampling

The Start of Something Big

Retrospective (Gear) | Topic: Vintage Instruments | Music Technology, Sep 1992
Moog Series III

Moog's musical mountain - re-appraised



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