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Depeche Mode - Modes of Operation

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Aug 1986

After five years at the top of the electropop tree, Basildon boys Martin Gore and Alan Wilder talk tech with Paul Tingen.

Depeche Mode - The Basildon Bond

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Apr 1984

Depeche Mode

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1982

In contrast with the main feature we take a look at one of today’s modern commercial, electro-music bands.

Depeche Mode - When The Wave Forms

Interview | One Two Testing, Nov 1982

NAME: new album/new equipment/sound techniques/change of style/gig horrors... LIST

Depeche Mode - Modus Operandi

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jul 1993
Depeche Mode: Songs Of Faith And Devotion

The boys in black talk technical in this UK exclusive interview.

Depeche Mode - Mode-Al

Interview | Making Music, Jun 1987

Depeche Mode - Recording Mode

Interview | One Two Testing, Oct 1985

Martin and Andy plot "It's Called A Heart" 45

This artist was mentioned in these interviews

Vince Clarke - Downstairs At Erics

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Mar 1984

Founder member of Depeche Mode and Yazoo, Vince Clarke is joined here by Eric Radcliffe, his partner in a new band, The Assembly, air their views on writing and recording in the 1980's.

Vince Clarke - Sounding Off

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Nov 1984

Vince Clarke reveals trade secrets.

Road Warriors

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jul 1992
On Tour With Nitzer Ebb

Nitzer Ebb are using the tools of technology to recreate their abrasive, challenging sound in a live context. Nigel Humberstone talks to the man who helps to put the show on the road.

Vince Clarke - Waiting For The Perfect Song

Interview | Sound On Sound, Dec 1988

Since introducing the world to the delights of pure synth-pop in 1981, Vince Clarke has continued to demonstrate his mastery of the popular song form through the medium of synth technology. Paul Ireson investigates.

The Tracks of our Tears

Interview | International Musician, Apr 1985

Are you afraid of the art of Bath? Adrian Deevoy goes into battle with Curt and Roland

Noise Reduction

Interview | International Musician, May 1985

Are The Art of Noise? Is Adrian Deevoy?

A Room Of My Own: Nort & Epichead Studio

Interview | Topic: Home Studio | Sound On Sound, Apr 1993


Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Mar 1984

With their second album just released, Neil Arthur and Stephen Luscombe take a rest to talk here about the trials of their rise to fame, and their musical and equipment plans for the future. Dan Goldstein (a trifle agog) listens in...

Bruce Gilbert - Totally Wired

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Jan 1985

A chat with art-punk godfather Bruce Gilbert, a founder member of left-field collaboration Wire. The man reveals a low-tech approach to hi-tech gear... and a few trade secrets.

Daniel Miller - The Miller's Tale

Interview | Topic: Music Business | One Two Testing, Jan 1983
Mute Records

Daniel Miller, the force behind Mute, Depeche Mode and Yazoo, discloses the secret life of an A and R man.

Erasure - A Clean Slate

Interview | International Musician, Apr 1986

Erasure head man Vince Clarke and his new band face the horror of a Tony Reed interview

Erasure - You And Me Both

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Aug 1986

Electropop veteran Vince Clarke and latest partner, Andy Bell, discuss composing, sampling and singing following their debut album release. Tim Goodyer takes notes.

Front 242 - Front Line

Interview | Music Technology, Jun 1989

Belgian sampling innovators Front 242 have been accused of encouraging a fascist following - where does the sampling stop and the politics begin? David Bradwell brings news from the front.

Inspiral Carpets - Mute Mavericks

Interview | Music Technology, Jan 1993

Clint Boon and the Farfisa beat

A Room Of My Own: John Crossley

Interview | Topic: Home Studio | Sound On Sound, May 1993

Remixing With Phil Kelsey

Interview | Sound On Sound, Nov 1993

The art of remixing laid bare by DMC's top remixer.

From Beat Dis Boy To Mega-Blast Man

Interview | Phaze 1, Nov 1988

tim simenon turns the tables

Nik Picking

Interview | International Musician, Mar 1986

Golden boy of the teeny bop scene a closet guitar hero? It's true, all true. Muso musings captured for posterity by Dave Burrluck and Susan Rookledge.



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