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Erasure - You And Me Both

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Aug 1986

Electropop veteran Vince Clarke and latest partner, Andy Bell, discuss composing, sampling and singing following their debut album release. Tim Goodyer takes notes.

Erasure - Clarke Techniques

Interview | Making Music, May 1986

Computers have made Vince Clarke a different Keyboardist. And you'll never guess why.

Erasure - A Clean Slate

Interview | International Musician, Apr 1986

Erasure head man Vince Clarke and his new band face the horror of a Tony Reed interview

This artist was mentioned in these interviews

Vince Clarke - Waiting For The Perfect Song

Interview | Sound On Sound, Dec 1988

Since introducing the world to the delights of pure synth-pop in 1981, Vince Clarke has continued to demonstrate his mastery of the popular song form through the medium of synth technology. Paul Ireson investigates.

Vince Clarke

Interview | Sound On Sound, Dec 1991
Sold on the 3-Minute Song

Erasure's fifth album sees the duo of Vince Clarke and Andy Bell going from strength to strength, delivering electro-pop at its finest. But the doyens of synthesizer pop recorded Chorus with almost no MIDI instruments at all. Vince Clarke tells Paul Ireson how he made a hit album with 10-year old technology.

Home is where the art is

Interview | The Mix, Jul 1994

Someday, all home studios will be built this way - an exclusive survey

Vince Clarke - In Clarke's Shoes

Interview | Music Technology, Aug 1992

Unbitten by the digital bug, Vince Clarke only drives analogue.

Vince Clarke - Vince Clarke’s Wall Of Sound

Interview | Music Technology, Jun 1993

Here’s your ticket to Amsterdam, Vince will meet you at the studio and show you all his favourite classic synths. A dream? No, a reality, thanks to Ian Masterson and Music Technology. Ian gets an exclusive guided tour around Erasure’s secret analogue powerhouse, just for you. You can almost taste the Amstel beer

Road Warriors

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jul 1992
On Tour With Nitzer Ebb

Nitzer Ebb are using the tools of technology to recreate their abrasive, challenging sound in a live context. Nigel Humberstone talks to the man who helps to put the show on the road.

Remixing With Phil Kelsey

Interview | Sound On Sound, Nov 1993

The art of remixing laid bare by DMC's top remixer.

William Orbit

Interview | Sound On Sound, Oct 1991
Urban Guerilla

Paul Tingen meets William Orbit, re-mix maestro and the man behind Bass-O-Matic.

Fifty feet high and rising

Interview | The Mix, Nov 1994

Lion Rock’s main man and individualist deckmaster

Renaissance man

Interview | The Mix, Oct 1994

Jazzer who likes to mix his rhythms

Hit Man Hague

Interview | Sound On Sound, Mar 1992

Stephen Hague has demonstrated considerable talent as a producer of classy electronic pop, riding the faders for the Pet Shop Boys and New Order. But his recent work on albums by Robbie Robertson and Siouxsie & The Banshees shows that he has more strings to his bow. Paul Tingen lends an ear.

Wayne's World

Interview | Sound On Sound, Aug 1992
Mission In Action

Instead of recording their latest opus in expensive pro studios, the Mission have been laying tracks in a rural barn. It might seem they've fallen from grace; Robert Michael finds it ain't necessarily so.

Grid Reference

Interview | Sound On Sound, Nov 1992

Musical Youth

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jan 1993

Modus Operandi

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jul 1993
Depeche Mode: Songs Of Faith And Devotion

The boys in black talk technical in this UK exclusive interview.

The DMC Story

Interview | Topic: Music Business | Sound On Sound, Nov 1993
Tony Prince & The Disco Mix Club

The ingenuity and foresight of DJ Tony Prince resulted in the creation of the DMC record label, the hub of the thriving UK dance remixing scene. Wilf Smarties talks to Tony about how and why the label was set up and persuades remixer Phil Kelsey to take us through a typical remix.

Bomb the Bass - Bass Studies

Interview | Music Technology, Oct 1988

In his career as disc jockey, audio engineer and pop star Tim Simenon has called upon musical influences as diverse as Rick James and Kraftwerk. Tim Goodyer talks tech with a DJ who intends to take cut-up records on the road.

DNA - Genetic Engineering

Interview | Music Technology, Apr 1992

It began with an illicit remix of Suzanne Vega and it's already earned them their own album release. Simon Trask tracks down the elusive DNA musical partnership to ask who, how and why.

Pascal Gabriel - Made in Heaven

Interview | Music Technology, May 1989

After producing artists ranging from Bomb the Bass and S 'Xpress to Bryan Ferry and Wet Wet Wet, Pascal Gabriel is about to begin his own career as a recording artist. Tim Goodyer discovers a Lovechild.

Renegade Soundwave - Renegade Action

Interview | Music Technology, Jan 1989

The band called it music, the press called it confrontational noise, and the public bought it and danced to it. Stephen Hillier talks to the men behind Renegade Soundwave.

Stock, Aitken & Waterman - Production Line

Interview | Music Technology, Jun 1987

The words "Stock, Aitken & Waterman" have adorned 50 hit singles in the last two years. Tim Goodyer finds there are two secrets to their success: determination and new technology.

The Christians - Christian Acts

Interview | Music Technology, Sep 1992

Henry Priestman: the word



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