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Shriekback - Call Of The Wild

Interview | Music Technology, Mar 1989

After carving a career for themselves with their unique brand of anarchic funk, Shriekback have decided the time has come for a change. Barry Andrews tells David Bradwell about the importance of loving musical equipment.

Shriekback - Shriek Back In Anger

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Oct 1985

Tim Goodyer talks to Carl Marsh, guitarist with E&MM's idiosyncratic cover artists, about Oil and Gold, rock and roll, and the Jupiter 8 versus the DX7.

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The Producers

Interview | International Musician, Jul 1986

Uncle Chas de Whalley talks to Barry Andrews about life with Auntie

The Producers

Interview | International Musician, Sep 1986

Chas de Whalley talks to the other John Williams about his recent work with chart-toppers The Housemartins

A Popular History of Signs - Sign Language

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Jul 1985

Dance music with direction

Renegade Soundwave - Renegade Action

Interview | Music Technology, Jan 1989

The band called it music, the press called it confrontational noise, and the public bought it and danced to it. Stephen Hillier talks to the men behind Renegade Soundwave.

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Routing Enquiries

Feature | Topic: Effects Processing | One Two Testing, Dec 1984

Wishbone Ash, Shriekback, Friends Again, Nazareth, Level 42, The Cars... guitarists tell of FX set-ups the cars to shriekback, level 42 to wishbone ash - seven guitarists identify their effects: what's plugged where and why they like them

On The Flight Deck at Terminal 24

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios | Sound On Sound, Oct 1986

If you've the tenacity to take on and beat the (ex-)GLC, then putting together an upmarket 24-track studio is a piece of cake! Tony Hastings visited this South London studio to glean the details of how it came to be and what it offers.

The A-Z Of Analogue - Part 3

Feature Series | Topic: Vintage Instruments | Music Technology, Oct 1993

Part 3, Chadacre to Crumar

This article has no OCR bodytext.End Product

Music Review | Music Technology, Mar 1994

What do you think of that disc, Marina -isn't it terrific? New works from Aphex Twin, Underworld, Enigma, Richard Kirk and Shriekback reviewed.

Chorus/Flanger Reviews

Review | One Two Testing, Dec 1984

the beat goes whirrr



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