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Spandau Ballet - Ballet Pumps

Interview | One Two Testing, Jan 1983

John Keeble is in two minds about drumming for Spandau - an acoustic one and an electric one. Read about his treatment.

Spandau Ballet - Storm The Barricades

Interview | International Musician, Dec 1986

Working again after two years of legal trench-warfare, The Spands talk about their comeback album, the defiantly-titled Through The Barricades. Observation post: Chris Maillard

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Interview | One Two Testing, Sep 1984

little Andy Taylor on big guitar sounds

Richard Burgess - New Horizons

Interview | Music Technology, Nov 1986

He was once electronic drummer with jazz-rockers Landscape. Now he's a successful producer for the likes of Spandau Ballet and Colonel Abrams, but the search for new ways of using new gear goes on.

Toys R Us

Interview | Music Technology, Aug 1993

The techno punk duo on U2, sampling theft, virtual reality, CDI, and getting the machines to rock.

Ready For Lift-Off

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Apr 1986

Is there more to Britain's latest megastars than a barrel-load of hype, a few jars of hair gel and a clever Giorgio Moroder production job? After talking to the band, Tim Goodyer thinks there is.

A Room Of My Own: The Beatmasters

Interview | Sound On Sound, Dec 1992

The Partridge Season

Interview | International Musician, Nov 1986

Virgin veterans XTC are under pressure to pull off a Pop success with their latest album, Skywalking. So is it open season on Andy Partridge? Chris Maillard takes aim...

Simon Bozwell

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Mar 1986

Simon is both a musician and a producer. This month he talks to Paul White about, amongst other things, his work doing 12" remixes for Nik Kershaw.

George Martin - Part 1

Interview Series | Home & Studio Recording, Nov 1983

An interview with the man who helped start it all.

Jean-Michel Jarre - The French Connection

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Mar 1985

Jean Michel Jarre explains his current views on music, synthesisers and synthesis in an in-depth interview.

Landscape - Landscape Explored

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1981
With Richard Burgess And John Walters

Richard Burgess and John Walters talk about the make-up of Landscape.

Music For A Small Planet - Planet Rock

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Jun 1985
Music For A Small Planet

An enterprising duo who mix business and pleasure in the pursuit of music making.

Richard Burgess - Burgeoning Burgess

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, May 1985

Producer, performer, catalyst. Richard Burgess has been a musical traveller most of his life - we finally catch up with him.

Rusty Egan - Searching For The Perfect Beat

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Aug/Sep 1984

Visage's Rusty Egan reveals a change of face

UV PoP - Record Talkback

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Jul 1984


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The Rhythm Section

Feature | Topic: Drum Programming | Micro Music, Jun/Jul 1989

Wild man Bill Collins looks at the Simmons SDX system and gives us a few drum patterns to try out

Company Report - Simmons

Feature | Topic: Advertisement Feature | One Two Testing, Jun 1985


Steve Hillage - Production Lines - Steve Hillage

Opinion | Recording Musician, Oct 1992

Guest Producer Steve Hillage argues for the breaking down of arbitrary barriers between musical styles.

Hardware For Hire

Feature | Electronic Soundmaker, Nov 1983

Computer synth rental


Editorial | One Two Testing, Jan 1983

Labelled With Love

Feature | Topic: Humour, Marketing / Promotion | One Two Testing, Dec 1983

Jazz rock reggae punk funk folk joke.

The Best Producers In The World

Feature | One Two Testing, Jun 1984

Nominated by Steve Levine, Steve Lillywhite, Peter Collins, Hugh Padgham, Swain and Jolley

Showdown '86

Show Report | In Tune, Jul 1986
ITs Guide To The British Music Fair


News | Sound On Sound, Jul 1990

More news, views, and a smidgeon of hot gossip!



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