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Status Quo - Francis Rossi

Interview | International Musician, Apr 1975

Status Quo

Interview | Making Music, Dec 1986

"The most sensible interview I've every done," says Rick Parfitt, talking about musical success.

This artist was mentioned in these interviews

Andy Munro

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, May 1985
Studio Designer

Top studio designer talks to Janet Angus.

The Producers

Interview | International Musician, Mar 1985

Despite his Barclay James Harvest and Jim Diamond connections, we let Chas De Whalley speak to Pip Williams. We should have known better.


Interview | Making Music, Sep 1986
shrugs and knock 'n' knowall

Wrenched from video filming (with a ballerina no less) and quizzed on gear and blushes.

The Secret Of My Success

Interview | Sound On Sound, Apr 1991

UK chart success may have been elusive of late but Howard Jones' continued popularity in the States has brought its rewards — an SSL-equipped 48-track home studio. Interview by Paul Tingen.

All Around the World

Interview | Topic: Live | The Mix, Jul 1994

A behind-the-scenes glimpse at their global light and sound show

Robin Millar

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Sep 1985

Janet Angus talks to Robin about practically everything.

The Rhythm Section

Interview | Sound International, May 1978
Charlie Tumahai & Simon Fox

Be Bop Deluxe's drummer and bassist under the magnifying glass.

Tony Oxley

Interview | Sound International, Jul 1978

Tony Oxley sneers commendably at commercialism in music.

Razor Sharpe

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1985

First the BBC, then Shakatak, now a solo album: Bill Sharpe's list of Famous People is an impressive one. Dan Goldstein makes further enquiries.

Just Seventeen

Interview | International Musician, Dec 1986

From penthouse to pavement and back again, Heaven 17 have seen pop finance from both sides. Will their latest album, Pleasure 1, put them back in the black? Tony Reed opens the account...

Storm The Barricades

Interview | International Musician, Dec 1986

Working again after two years of legal trench-warfare, The Spands talk about their comeback album, the defiantly-titled Through The Barricades. Observation post: Chris Maillard

RamOne, Two, Three, Four

Interview | One Two Testing, May 1985

Gabba Gabba meets MIDI MIDI

The bass behind Rainbow

Interview | Music UK, Nov 1983
Roger Glover talks purple, production and power

Glover on the Cover — Rainbow man talks Bass

Bizarre Inc - Strange Changes

Interview | Music Technology, Dec 1991

MT fans and stars of the underground rave scene, Bizarre Inc regularly party down with high technology. Simon Trask meets the men and discusses hardcore issues.

Cassandra Complex - The Cassandra Complex

Interview | Micro Music, Dec 1989

Steve Cogan finds out just what Satan and Bugs Bunny have to do with this Cyberpunk band who swear by their ST

Django Bates - Django Live

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Oct 1986

...Is one of Britain's most inventive jazz keyboard players, with a myriad of different strings to his performing bow, and an unusually open-minded approach to new technology. Simon Trask listens to what he has to say.

Heaven 17 - How Men Are Now

Interview | Music Technology, Jan 1987

The Luxury Gap boys pat themselves on the back after recording their fourth album, 'Pleasure One'. Tim Goodyer finds out how it was done, and discovers the threesome may soon be playing their first-ever concerts.

Paul Hardcastle - The Wizard

Interview | Music Technology, Nov 1986

The whizz-kid that made a number one hit out of a spoken-word soundtrack and a sampler with 19' is now The Wizard, courtesy of a new signature tune for 'Top of the Pops'. Tim Goodyer meets the man, the Synclavier, and the passion for new technology.

Who's That Bloke With Wix?

Interview | Sound On Sound, May 1993
We found these other (non-interview) articles that are linked to this artist

Status Quo - 17 Things

Feature | Making Music, Jul 1986
You Never Knew About Status Quo...

...and 17 things you never knew about the men who tie their instruments up in guitar leads.

This artist was mentioned in these other articles

The Three-Chord Trick

Feature | Topic: Music Theory | Making Music, Jun 1986

We share with you the simple guitar chord trick upon which most pop music is based.

Sound on Stage

Feature | Topic: Live | Electronics & Music Maker, Jun 1983
LEDs — Usage and Abusage

LEDs, Usage & Abusage


News | Making Music, Jul 1987

guess what?



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