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Interview | Making Music, Sep 1986
shrugs and knock 'n' knowall

Wrenched from video filming (with a ballerina no less) and quizzed on gear and blushes.

This artist was mentioned in these interviews

Cope d'azur

Interview | One Two Testing, Sep 1984

a story of psychedelia

Gus Dudgeon

Interview | International Musician, Oct 1975

Jon Tiven talks to Gus Dudgeon about Elton, Bowie and recording in general.

Cope's Scope

Interview | Making Music, Apr 1987

Budgie - The Magpie From Budgie

Interview | Music UK, Sep 1982
John Thomas

John Thomas — Guitarist buys up World supply shock

Ray Lema - World System

Interview | Music Technology, Aug 1989

It's the talk of Paris' hep musical set, Peter Gabriel set up a new record label for it and Ray Lema is one of its greatest exponents - Simon Trask discovers hitech ethnic music is about to make its mark on popular culture.

This artist was mentioned in these other articles

Guitars Under £100

Review | International Musician, Apr 1975

Desert Island Riffs

Feature | One Two Testing, Mar 1985
Six heavy people choose their 30 favourite riffs.

six heavy metallurgists pick their favourites - Joan Jett, Punky Mendoza, Graham Oliver, Paul Quinn, Mick Ralphs, Paul Samson

The Feel Factor

Feature | Topic: Sequencing | Sound On Sound, Oct 1987
A Guide to Programming Music with Soul

How often have you heard synthesized, sequenced music described as 'cold' and 'mechanical? All of us want to compose a tune with good 'feel', but few people know exactly what makes for a good 'feel'. Yet it's not a mystery - as this timely article by Michael Stewart, designer of the Kahler Human Clock, reveals.

Behind the Greengate

Review | Electronic Soundmaker, Dec 1984
Greengate DS3

With the DS 3 - a sound-sampling expansion for the Apple II computer. Access to expensive sounds at a reasonable price.

Sounding Off

Opinion | Sound On Sound, Jun 1989
Hard Disks & Hard Facts

Systems programmer and musician David Hughes reveals the hard facts about hard disks.

That Fickle Finger

Feature | Topic: Humour | Making Music, Apr 1986

Frankfurt 1975

Show Report | International Musician, Mar 1975
Frankfurt Fair Preview

Phonic PMX-1600A

Review | Music Technology, May 1993
Rack Mixer

DJs know Phonic's mini-mixers well. Will the musician take to their new 16-channel, rackmounted offering? Nicholas Rowland racks his brains

Marantz CP430 Stereo Cassette Recorder

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Feb 1985

Heroes - Part 3

Feature Series | Topic: History / Culture | One Two Testing, Mar 1984
Leonard Chess

Studio sage and onion Leonard Chess on the turntable.

Kitchens of Leeds

Feature | Topic: Retail | International Musician, Oct 1975
Dealer of the Century

The pride of the North, Kitchens are celebrating their centennial.

Buzz: Bristol

News | International Musician, Dec 1975

Bristol, capital of the West, is alive and well.


News | Making Music, Nov 1986

The sort of thing you'll turn to first: lies, gossip, tittle-tattle, rumours, humous...

Back To The Roots

Feature | Topic: History / Culture | Phaze 1, Nov 1988

a blockhead's history of reggae

Miles Ahead

Feature | Phaze 1, Apr 1989
RETROSPECT: miles davis

what can a 63-year-old jazz trumpeter teach you about playing? rather a lot, actually

Studio Diary

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios | International Musician, Nov 1986

Profound thinker Trynka is back with chewed pencil for another month's diary, and the strain's beginning to tell...

The News

News | Making Music, Jun 1987

at five

The News This Week

Feature | Topic: Humour | One Two Testing, Apr 1985
True Stories

that will amaze you


Feature | Topic: History / Culture | One Two Testing, Jun 1985

what's missing in A Cappella



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