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Switzerland - A Room Of My Own: Switzerland

Interview | Sound On Sound, Mar 1993
This artist was mentioned in these other (non-interview) articles:-

Softwind Synthophone

Review | Music Technology, Nov 1988
MIDI Saxophone

The latest MIDI wind controller comes from Switzerland and uses a conventional sax body. Michael Andreas checks out the traditionalists' alternative.

Alice In Switzerland

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios | Sound On Sound, Nov 1985

Two men, a girl and an electrical appliance meet under strange circumstances in the Swiss Alps. Ted Fletcher reports.

Tape Machine Survey - Part 3

Feature | Topic: Buyer's Guide | Sound International, Jul 1978

A readable survey covering manufacturers from I to T.

News Xtra

News | In Tune, Nov 1986

IT's complete news service.

CEDAR/Harmonia Mundi Real-Time De-Clicker

Review | Music Technology, Aug 1991
Signal Processor

It sounds like a cheap TV ad, but this device puts an end to all known clicks and pops. Vic Lennard gives the latest development in noise elimination the Rice Krispies test.


Editorial | Sound On Sound, Oct 1986

Compu-Mates R100 DrumDroid

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1988

A new programming aid for the Kawai R100 takes the form of DrumDroid software for the Atari ST. Scott Gershin becomes a "mouse drummer".

On the Boards

Feature | Topic: Computing | Music Technology, Dec 1988

Why limit use of your computer to sequencing and librarian functions? Roly Pickering explains what bulletin boards are, how you get onto them and what they can do for you.

The World About Us - Part 2

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios | Music Technology, Nov 1992

The other half of the World

Tape Winner

Competition | Electronic Soundmaker, Aug 1985

Flying Tonight

Feature | Topic: Live | Making Music, Jun 1986
Watch Your Gear

How to look after instruments and gear on the move.

Frankfurt Photo Review

Show Report | Topic: Retail | International Musician, Apr 1975

Dutch Treat

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios | Micro Music, Jan 1990

Phil Brammer goes Euro with a look at the Recording scene in Amsterdam with some surprising results

Electro-Voice Link 9 Speakers

Review | Music UK, Aug 1982

HiFi linked with monitor

Incoming Data

News | Music Technology, Apr 1993

The Year, In Gear

Retrospective | One Two Testing, Jan 1984

The pick of 1983's equipment releases.


News | International Musician, Sep 1975

What's cooking in Bournemouth

Music News

News | International Musician, Oct 1975

Dated Drums

Feature | Making Music, Aug 1986


News | Making Music, Nov 1986

The sort of thing you'll turn to first: lies, gossip, tittle-tattle, rumours, humous...


News | Sound On Sound, Jul 1990

More news, views, and a smidgeon of hot gossip!

Shared Interests III - Part 3

Feature | Topic: Computing | Music Technology, May 1994
Shareware & Public Domain software

There ain't no such thing as a free lunch, but there are a few free software sequencers around. Ian Waugh digs 'em out.

Total Recall - Part 12

Feature | Topic: Vintage Instruments | The Mix, Aug 1994
Vintage technology strikes back

Collector’s corner - including the A to Z of Analogue


News | Sound International, Jun 1978



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