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Bob Williams - The Collector

Interview | Topic: Vintage Instruments | Music Technology, May 1993

Bob Williams has one of the finest collections of analogue synthesisers in the world, and cherishes them with a care that would make the Science Museum blush. Peter Forrest crosses hill and dale to Cornwall to take a long, loving look, and uncovers a whole network of Moog and Mellotron devotees. Whatever next - 'The Antique Rhodes Show'?

Calum Malcolm - King Of The Castle

Interview | Music Technology, Dec 1992

Calum Malcolm: Going to Caledonia

David A Stewart - Dave Stewart

Interview | One Two Testing, Feb 1985

David A Stewart - Stewart's Enquiry

Interview | International Musician, Aug 1985

A reversion to Rock 'n' Roll, an expanded guitar collection, a strange miking technique, another production job and he still finds time to go through Be Yourself Tonight sound by sound with Tony Horkins

Jo Partridge

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Jun 1985

Janet Angus talks to Jo about his enthralling past and his new studio where surfing is the most serious distraction.

M Guy Fletcher - Guy Fletcher: European Man

Interview | Sound On Sound, Dec 1985

Composer and studio owner Guy Fletcher had a dream: 'The European Suite' was the end result. Ted Fletcher details the work that went into its recording.

Mike Myers - Workshop Boys

Interview | Topic: Recording Studios | Music Technology, Jul 1988

A pro studio that's offering its facilities to new bands for free? Mike Myers tells Nicholas Rowland what's wrong with the record biz and how he's trying to put it right.

Mike Stock - The Producers

Interview | International Musician, Oct 1985

Hi Energy wizard Mike Stock collides with Chas de Whalley during a sweaty get-down-and-shake-it interview

Muff Murfin - The Record Smith

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Aug 1985

Muff Murfin talks to Paul White about his career to date and proffers some useful advice for people trying to break into the jingle market. He also explains why with studios in the Midlands, London and Ibiza, he needs to expand.

Pat Collier - The Producers

Interview | International Musician, Dec 1985

Chas De Whalley shivers with Pat Collier in Alaska... Waterloo

Pete Waterman - Dance To The Machine

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, May 1986

Janet Angus discovers the secret of Peter's success in producing big selling dance music.

Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel - Behind The Mask

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jan 1987

Nobody has advanced the application of technology in music more than Peter Gabriel. His pioneering use of the Fairlight CMI helped popularise that instrument and give credence to sampling as a creative recording practice. Yet his music has never fallen prey to the technology trap - his latest album So remains a soulful collection of songs heavily reliant on technology but applied with subtlety. Ray Hammond talks to the great man about the album, new technology, Otis Redding, and his role as musician.

Peter Gabriel - Technology's Champion

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Jun 1986

In a career spanning nearly 20 years, Gabriel has done everything from fronting Britain's best-known pomp rock band to manipulating ethnic music using modern technology. Dan Goldstein talks to a man of many talents.

Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers

Interview | Music Technology, Jan 1994

Phil Ward Xplores the Real World of CD-ROM and multimedia

Phil Fearon - A Recipe For Success

Interview | Sound On Sound, Nov 1987

How can you set up a home studio, write, produce and perform hit singles, and have a good time doing it? David Mellor asks Galaxy's Phil Fearon that very question and more...

Robert John Godfrey - Going Solo

Interview | Sound On Sound, Sep 1989

Until their recent split, Robert John Godfrey was the keyboard maestro behind The Enid, whose massive underground following throughout Europe made them arguably the biggest cult band outside of the States. Frank Ellis met him to talk about his new residential studio, a solo career, and a new approach to recording.

Robin Millar

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Sep 1985

Janet Angus talks to Robin about practically everything.

Robin Millar - Smooth Operator

Interview | One Two Testing, Feb 1985

producer of Sade, Everything But The Girl and more speaks acoustic-wise

Tony Bongiovi - Down home mixdown

Interview | Topic: Recording Studios, Video / Film / Picture | The Mix, Feb 1995
Power Station, NYC

We visit the world-renowned studio, and talk to owner and producer Tony Bongiovi.



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