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A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Chile

Interview | Music Technology, Apr 1990

You can't discuss the Manchester dance movement without A Guy Called Gerald. Simon Trask talks success and setbacks to one of Britain's most influential young artists.

A Guy Called Gerald

Interview | Micro Music, Oct/Nov 1989

Vie Marshall asks who is A Guy Called Gerald?

Adamski - Live And Direct

Interview | Music Technology, Mar 1990

By ignoring the charts and treating dance music as a live phenomenon, Adamski has won himself a huge following and a chart placing. Simon Trask talks about the live applications of studio music.

Baby Ford - Acid Radical

Interview | Music Technology, Dec 1988

The man responsible for the UK's first genuine acid house single discusses basslines, bitonality and the grin factor. Baby talk: David Bradwell.

Baby Ford - Acid Radical

Interview | Phaze 1, Feb 1989

baby ford, golden boy of british acid, drops hints on getting the dancefloor moving

Cutmaster Swift - DJ Technology

Interview | Music Technology, Jun 1989

Winning the '89 Technics World DJ Mixing Championship has allowed Cutmaster Swift to plough the prize money into his studio. Simon Trask talks samples and scratches with the Champion.

David Morales - Spin Doctor!

Interview | The Mix, Jul 1994

Derek B

Interview | Micro Music, Jun/Jul 1989

Vie Marshall raps with the bad young brother himself about Ataris, Creator and reader-friendly manuals

Derrick May - Techno Rhythim

Interview | Music Technology, Nov 1990

Now making a huge impact in the north of Britain, Detroit's techno music owes its roots to a handful of far-sighted pioneers - amongst them Derrick May. Simon Trask discusses the future of electronic music.

DJ Mark (45 King) - 45 Kingdom

Interview | Music Technology, May 1989

As well as being famous for the size of his record collection, DJ Mark is currently one of the major forces in hip hop sampling. The 45 King tells Simon Trask about the biters and the bitten.

Jazzy Jeff - DJ Jazzy Jeff

Interview | Phaze 1, Nov 1988

Jellybean Benitez - Planet Rock

Interview | Music Technology, Apr 1988

John "Jellybean" Benitez is the leader of the current trend of DJs turned recording artists. Tim Goodyer talks to him about the relationship between the dancefloor and the recording studio.

Juan Atkins - Future Shock

Interview | Music Technology, Dec 1988

Co-founder of the techno movement, Model 500's Juan Atkins discusses yesterday's technology and influences, and tomorrow's music. Technospeak: Simon Trask.

Kenny Larkin - Mixing metaphors

Interview Audio | The Mix, Jun 1995

Tim Barr catches up with the Detroit techno pioneer

Kevin Saunderson - The Techno Wave

Interview | Music Technology, Sep 1988

Techno music, the true successor to late seventies synth-pop, translates the desolation of post-Motown Detroit into electronic dance rhythms. Simon Trask listens to the programmer's tale.

Kevin Saunderson - Mixing up the motor city

Interview | The Mix, Apr 1995

Kinki Roland - Kinki Roland ate my budgerigar

Interview Audio | The Mix, Jan 1995

KRS One - Ghetto Master

Interview | Phaze 1, Aug 1989
Boogie Down Productions

music with a message from KRS-One

KRS One - The Blueprint of Hiphop

Interview | Music Technology, Aug 1989

From the New York roots of hip hop, KRS One talks about street-level production values and samples as the poor musician's alternative to real musicians. Simon Trask listens to the Music of the Spheres.

Laurent Garnier - Laboratoire Garnier

Interview | The Mix, Oct 1994

Les Adams - LA Gear

Interview | Music Technology, Oct 1989

From his remixes of dance music through his record releases with LA Mix, Les Adams has specialised in making a lot out of a little equipment. His latest project is a solo LP, as Simon Trask finds out.

Lionrock - Fifty feet high and rising

Interview | The Mix, Nov 1994

Lion Rock’s main man and individualist deckmaster

Marshall Jefferson - Emotional Foundations

Interview | Music Technology, Mar 1989

The originator of acid house claims the secrets of good music are feel and emotion rather than a Roland Bassline and an Akai sampler. Simon Trask gets in the mood.

Marshall Jefferson - The Human Side Of House

Interview | Phaze 1, May 1989

a house music producer who hates sampling and big drum sounds? some mistake, surely?

Mixmaster Morris - Licensed to chill

Interview | The Mix, Dec 1994

Ambient, techno and the internet



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