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by Ben | 17th Mar 2021

Five years ago, if you wanted to read an old Electronics & Music Maker issue, you either had to own it, or hope that the occasional issue would come up on eBay, usually at less than bargain prices.

You might find the odd scanned article or a few pages online, but the content was not generally available, unless you perhaps had access to a good national or university library.

Likewise with all the publications we are now archiving - this stuff simply wasn't generally available, difficult to research, and offline.

Today, much of that has changed. We've completed collections of many of these publications - over a thousand issues now - and have painstakingly republished over 400 of those to date. Complete collections of E&MM, Music Technology, Electronic Soundmaker and more are now easily searched and tagged with metadata. mu:zines is being used for all kinds of research, in academic work, books and film background research, and for cultural references and general interest online.

Our work is not done of course - there is still much to do as we work to complete and republish all this material and make it accessible, searchable, and free for all.

Today, thanks to the kind support and permissions of SOS Publications, two more of their excellent publications are being added to the mu:zines - Sound On Stage, and Performing Musician. These magazines were both live sound sister magazines to Sound On Sound, and have the same high quality content we all know from SOS.

For the more studio-related content, we are also today adding Sound Engineer, and Sound Engineer & Producer magazines - both are from different publishers but share many staff, and these magazines were aimed at somewhere between the consumer music making publications, and the more professional "broadcast" area. With fascinating content, we look forward to scanning and re-publishing our copies online.

And one more publication we're adding is Total Music, a short-lived magazine set up by some of the staff of Making Music once that ended. Continuing in the same style, it's testament to the efforts of the staff of these magzines that they worked to hard to create and maintain these magazines - so we're glad to be able to preserve them and let people revisit them.

Once again, we hope that other people will help us fill in gaps to our collections so we can complete archives for the long term - if you have any of these issues in your collections, and can help, please let us know!

While I'm here, I'd like to give a special shout out to mu:zines' major contributor Mike Gorman. Mike's special interest and large collection of magazines has helped us complete collections vastly more quickly than I could have hoped before launching the site. He has scanned fully a third of the magazine content on the site, hundreds of hours of effort, and we continue to work together to complete collections both for mu:zines and his personal collections.

mu:zines would not be the resource it currently is without his help and contributions, and I'm immensely grateful, and his efforts, along with everyone else who has supported us with magazines, monetary donations, kind words and fun stories from the past, have made mu:zines a unique and highly-regarded resource for everyone - everything I had hoped it would be when I conceived the idea.

Thank you!

Here's to the next five years!

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