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Getting International

by Ben | 10th Jun 2018

The first issues of International Musician, issue 1 to 4, are now active on mu:zines.

IM was launched in 1975, so they are obviously from before my time - my first issue of IM was Mar '86, and I only bought occasional isues until '88 (I was mostly reading the free Making Music during this period), when I started buying IM regularly.

IM was really the main heavyweight publication through the 70s to the 90s for bands and popular music making. While it did incorporate the new technology happening in the 80s, it always retained space for more traditional guitar/bass/drums stuff, so it was a good all-rounder magazine.

I used to read the mags from cover to cover, including stuff I wasn't that into, just because I wanted to learn and absorb as much as I could. Plus, I was a kid, and had the time..! :)

In addition to the usual monthly schedule, it was quite common for them to publish "extra" issues - they would typically have an exra dedicated "Frankfurt" trade show special around Feb/March every year, and they would publish various offshoots including Studio and Sound Reinforcement Guides, and extra issues such as the "Legends" issues, featuring selected content from older issues. (We will be colllecting and making available all the specials we can.)

Ray Hammond, one of the three founders, would later become a well-respected author and "futurist". This quote of his seems particularly relevant to bringing International Musician to mu:zines:

"Once you’ve discovered on-line searching, you’ll realize that we’ve finally solved the problem that has been weighing us down for most of this century; how to access information.

Now, information, so long static and locked up in old papers, books, magazines and broadcast tapes, can be sorted, ordered, filed and retrieved so as to produce the right information, at the right time, in an instant. Out of selective information comes knowledge, and out of knowledge comes fulfilment and joy."

Pretty much the founding ethos of mu:zines, in fact!

Note: As there are over 25 years of issues (well over 200), I'll be doing two rounds of IM&RW in the processing rotation - one starting with the earliest 70s issues and working forwards, and one from the later mid 80s issue working forwards, so that it doesn't take forever to reach the later issues.

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