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Sound On Sound

Another milestone

by Ben | 9th Jul 2021

With the final two issues from 1993 going live today, it marks the completion of Sound On Sound for mu:zines and another important milestone for me.

When I originally had the first idea for mu:zines, the issues I mostly had in mind for it were Music Technology and (early) Sound On Sound (and to some extent, Making Music) and I kept those issues I had aside for "someday" (I binned all my 1994+ SOS issues as those were ones SOS had started to publish online in the early days of the web, but kept any early ones I had).

I didn't have many of the early SOS issues, due to it not being available locally - I had the early issues 2 and 3, but I would only have the opportunity as a kid to pick up a copy of SOS when I made the journey to London, particularly for the British Music Fair. I loved them, but had to settle for other mags in the late 80s, until about 91/92, when they again became available locally and I could start picking them up regularly.

SOS was unique among the magazines I wanted on mu:zines as it was the only one still actively publishing today (a huge testament to them for being able to weather the often stormy MI publishing waters that sunk so many other publications), so while I didn't know whether I was going to be able to get permissions to add it, I *did* know that SOS would love to have their early, pre-archive content in their archive, but weren't able to justify the time, effort and expense in doing so. So it was always my intention to bring this content back home to SOS - in effect being a win for everyone - should we be able to go ahead.

Thankfully, SOS were very supportive of this project and made it possible for us to go ahead.

It's been a great pleasure for me to collect and enjoy those early issues I missed out on the first time around. Of the 98 issues published between 1985 and 1993, I had roughly a third of the issues, I purchased another third of them for the site, and a third was donated to us from contributors, without which it would have taken far longer to get to this stage - particularly (as ever) from Mike Gorman, the ultimate Filler of Holes! :)

Now those are complete, I will be working in the background to reformat and export this content for SOS's site, so this content will also be available in their own archive, as it should rightly be. We have a bit of a head start on this, as in the midst of all this work, we worked with SOS to help restore their 1994-2001 archives that were missing from their site - all of which are now available in their archive. (That's a bonus extra SOS milestone!) If you haven't checked that out you should, as it's also full of treasures!

It was always a bit of a dream to have this stuff accessible and searchable digitally, so sometimes it still seems too good to be true!

Sound On Sound is not the last magazine to come from SOS Publications, as we are also working on their excellent live magazines Sound On Stage and Performing Musician, which once again SOS have kindly granted permission for us to archive.

Thanks to Ian and Paul Gilby, and all at SOS Publications.

Thanks also to the following contributors that helped complete our Sound On Sound issues for mu:zines - Gavin Livingstone, Bill Blackledge, Rob Hodder, Bird201, Bert & Adam Jansch, Russ Deval, and of course Mike Gorman.

SOS's archive, 1994-current, can be found at:

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