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Sound On Sound - April 1992


The Problem With MIDI...

This article has no OCR bodytext.Shape Of Things To Come

Another round-up of new products, plus news from the world of hi-tech music.

Power Players

Peavey DPM2 & DPM3SE Plus

Peavey's DPM3 synth now has a little brother in the DPM2, and the DPM3 itself has been upgraded with new features that increase its powers dramatically. Martin Russ looks at a dynamic duo.

Sound Spaces

Getting Studio Acoustics Right

In major studios or in home setups, a good listening environment is essential. Wilf Smarties presents a practical guide to creating the right space for your sound.


Sampling Classic Electro Sounds

Nothing seems to be more demanding of a sampler than the sound of the bass drum on a TR808 drum machine. Why should a piece of primitive retro-tech pose problems for so many respectable and apparently ultimate quality machines? Wilf Smarties explains.

Creative Sounds Improviser

Improvisation Software

Auto-accompaniment software seems to be growing up, offering real interaction and creativity in place of tacky preset patterns. Martin Russ looks at Improviser, an ST program that does just what its name suggests.

In The Studio With Soul II Soul

Soul II Soul

As Soul II Soul return this month with a third album, Paul Ireson reports from their private studio on the writing and recording of more club classics.

Hands On: Soundcraft Spirit Studio Mixer Part 1

A large mixing console can have literally thousands of knobs and switches. David Mellor explains how to use every last one of them - almost! Part 1 of 2.

In Deep

With The Roland JD800

One year after reviewing the instrument that brought back knobs and sliders, Julian Colbeck presents an in-depth user report on Roland's flagship JD800 synthesizer.

A Double Dose of Roland

Roland JV80 & JY30 Synths

Is Roland's new JV80 their best keyboard since the D50? Julian Colbeck thinks it is, as he puts the company's two newest synths to the test.

Why MIDI Music Stinks


Just as MIDI has made it as easier to produce great music, so it has facilitated the production of worthless garbage. Paul D. Lehrman explains the problem and how to avoid it.

Steinberg Cubase 3.0 Part 1

In Part 1 of a 2-part review, Cubase enthusiast David Mellor looks at the fully matured version of one of the world's favourite sequencers.

Korg Soundlink

Digital Audio Workstation

Korg are well known for making musical instruments, but the Soundlink takes them into the new field of hard disk recording/editing. David Mellor watches the price of hard disk editors descend to breathable regions of the atmosphere.

Zoom 9000

Guitar Effects Processor

The Zoom 9002 effects processor won universal praise for its combination of compact size and classy sound. Dave Lockwood checks out its newly-launched little brother, the Zoom 9000.

MPI Feeling Partner

Arranging/Sequencing Software

Martin Russ tries adding a French accent to his music, with Feeling Partner's blend of arranging, harmonising and sequencing for the ST.

Audio Technica AT4033

Studio Condensor Mic

Audio Technical new AT4033 offers the performance and precision construction that usually carry a premium price tag. Dave Lockwood looks at this attractive alternative to some big name mics.

Opcode Studio 5

Macintosh Midi Interface

For those with large MIDI setups, 16 channels just isn't enough; Opcode's Studio 5 offers the Mac muso up to 240 independent channels, plus MIDI patchbay and processing facilities. Mike Collins approves.

Yamaha DTS70

Drum-To-MIDI Convertor

Yamaha's DTS70 drum trigger-to-MIDI convertor promises ease of use and high performance. Warren Cann puts it to the test.

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World of Music Software

More hints and tips from the software publishers themselves. This month: C-Lab; Steinberg; Opcode.

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Your chance to win Yamaha's new AWM synth module!

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Retrofit MIDI muting to your mixer with this great prize!


You may know what the letters 'AAD' or 'DDD' on your CDs mean, but did you know that you won't be seeing them anymore? And just how much information is relevant or useful to the listener?

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