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Electronics & Music Maker - May 1985


Mutual Assistance

Hats off to helpful manufacturers, plus E&MM new recruits.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Interface

More congratulation, criticism and query from the E&MM postbag.

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PPG distribution, Akai Active Audio Club, DX Owners' convention... If it's news, it's here.

Akai S612

Polyphonic MIDI Sound Sampler

A real advance in the field of accessible polyphonic sound sampling. Tim Goodyer finds out if the 612's beauty is more than price-tag-deep.

Yamaha X-series MIDI System

TX816 Rack, QX1 Digital Sequencer, KX88 Master Keyboard

At last, a detailed appraisal of Yamaha's state-of-the-art MIDI system. FM rack, digital keyboard recorder and master keyboard come under David Ellis' careful scrutiny.

Technics DP50

Preset/Programmable Digital Drum Machine

Technics attempt to marry the home-organ drum machine and the digital percussion computer. Success or failure? Dan Goldstein tells all.

Korg MR16

MIDI Percussion Voice Generator

Simon Trask confronts a technological puzzle. Why have Korg put 19 digital drum voices in a box that contains no sequencing software?

Sequential MultiTrak

Programmable Polysynth with Sequencer

The Californians introduce a followup to the inventive but mixed-bag SixTrak. Simon Trask checks it out.

Polysynth Checklist

The quick-reference equipment guide to end all equipment guides. In this, the Checklist's inaugural month, polysynths, expanders and controlling keyboards come under the E&MM microscope.

On the Level

Duncan Bridgeman

Session player, freelance producer and 1-Level keyboardist Duncan Bridgeman discusses what it's like to live in a recording studio for 11 months of the year. Interview by Dan Goldstein.

Razor Sharpe

Bill Sharpe

First the BBC, then Shakatak, now a solo album: Bill Sharpe's list of Famous People is an impressive one. Dan Goldstein makes further enquiries.

This article has no OCR bodytext.On Record
Music Review

Tim Goodyer reviews a selection of albums and singles from the current release list.

This article has no OCR bodytext.On Cassette
Music Review

Readers and their music; another collection of demo cassettes examined by Tim Goodyer.

Excerpts from City Slab Horror

Severed Heads

Severed Heads mainman Tom Ellard in conversation with Dan Goldstein - no one in the modern music industry is safe.

Tech Talk

Robert Moog

Robert Moog, the man who set the synth ball rolling in the first place, on the receiving end of questions from German journalist Henning Lohner.

Short Circuit

Time Machine Revisited

An add-on for last month's Time Machine project that allows direct synchronisation of the Yamaha RX15 and MC202.

Powertran BBC Software Part 2

A utility program enabling storage of MCS1 sound samples on a BBC disk drive, among other things. Jim Grant and Tim Orr take us through it step by step.

Back to Basics Part 5

More on filters and envelopes from the educational pen of Steve Howell.

Article Group:
Computer Musician


Computer music in modern education. Is it a mixed blessing?


Brings news of a new British sound sampling drum machine, a digital signal processor from Eventide, and more.

Fairlight Explained Part 8

Another world first for E&MM: Jim Grant takes us through the creation of a sound without using the CMI's sampling facility.

Joreth Music Composer System

MIDI Software and Hardware for Commodore 64

An extensive new MIDI software package from Worcestershire could well be the answer to many a Commodore owner's dream. Simon Trask has the details.

The Art of Going Soft Part 1

The start of a new series designed to guide musicians through the intricacies of computer programming. Jay Chapman takes the first steps.

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