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Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music - October 1984

On Tape

Lead Lines

BMF roundup, news, chart, and studio tape listing

This article has no OCR bodytext.Track Attack
Music Review

Focussing on a selection of the latest electronic albums particularly those from across The Channel.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Byte Back

Letters to the ES&CM editorial team: Questions, queries and criticism.

One League Forward

Ian Burden of Human League outlines beginner's tips and a future strategy for electronic music.

Big K

The Siel System

A detailed look at Siel's new DK600 keyboard Interface, and Expander.

High IQ

We examine Roland's MPU 401 Intelligent Interface that took over two years to develop, to discover whether this disc-based sequencing system was worth waiting for.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Wind Up
Music Review

Reader 's demo tapes reviewed in print with a selection on tape.

Fireball CX5M

The CX5M music computer could change the face of the home micro-music market. We examine the first dedicated music computer to reach the UK

The Vital Link

Syco's Analogue to Digital Interface is less than half the price of its nearest competitor. But does it match the quality? We investigate.

The Life Of Brian Part 1

Brian Eno, Harold Budd

Part 1 of a two part in-depth interview with Brian Eno and his latest collaborator Harold Budd.

Xpand Your Horizons

We review the new Oberheim Xpander in conjunction with the Oberheim Performance System.

The Right Connections

The first of our Systems features focusses on making music with the DX7, Jupiter 6, Drumtraks and MSQ700.

Everything's Gone Green

Hans Joachim Roedelius

Roedelius explains the necessity of home recording and why he's addicted to the colour green!

Pressure Shock!

A PZM Mic for under £20. Sound value?

Doctoring The Dr.

An easy-to-follow project to fit separate outputs to your Dr. Rhythm to increase its versatility.

The Synth's Sojourn
User Report

A road report on Roland's guitar synth the GR700 by Imagination's Ashley Ingram and Mark Wood of Nucleus and Sunwind.

Going Soft

Rosetti Software

A review of Rosetti's latest software for the Spectrum and Commodore micros.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Competition

Your chance to win a Yamaha KX5 and a day's free recording in Guerilla studios in London.

ES&CM Directory

A definitive af-a-glance guide to MIDI and Music Orientated Peripherals.

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