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Home & Studio Recording - January 1985


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Answers to your written problems.

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News, up-dates, services... and more.

What's New

New products from the recording world.

Reverb Techniques

Reverberation - the key to professional recordings - is fully explained. How it's created, and how to use it.

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Your chance to win free places on the Gateway Studio courses.

Using Microphones

Stereo Recording

Special mic techniques employed on stereo recording are explained this month.

Sub Woofers Part 2

Control Room

A last look at how to extend the low bass response of your studio monitors.

Hugh Padgham

Producer Extraordinaire | Hugh Padgham

The genius behind the 'Phil Collins drum sound' reveals how he got started in the industry, his production philosophy and life at The Townhouse.

Recording Heavy Rock 'Live'

Where 'live' recording is involved, truth is stranger than fiction. Or is it?

Vesta Fire RV-2 & Vesta Kozo RV-3

Dual Reverberation Devices

Making Records Part 1

An intriguing insight into just what is required of the home recordist when setting out to cut your first disc.

Echoes From The Observatory Part 2

Bill Nelson

The conclusion of our in-depth look at Bill's home 16 track studio in Yorkshire.

Home Studio Recordist

Blackpool-based band 'The Sensible Shoes' outline their working environment and techniques.

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Music Review

More of your home demos are given the aural treatment.

Hands on Show Report
Show Report

A pictorial diary of what happened this November at the best UK recording show.

Sound Reading

A round-up of the best recording-related books on the market.

Compressor-Limiter Project Part 2

The second instalment of our new series describing the design and construction of a high quality modular effects rack system. This month: Comp-Lim 2.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Equipment Guide

Our regular update on what's available.

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