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Music Technology - July 1988

The Shape Of Things To Come?

The pace is hot; no sooner than there's a new technical development it's old hat. How do you keep up with the world that is modern music technology?

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More informative than News of the World; more up-to-date than Ceefax; more exciting than the toilet wall... It's the Music Technology news page.

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From building a Theremin to tracking down a band to syncing a drum machine - the answers are all to be found in MT's problem comer.

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There's a long queue for the soapbox in this month's speaker's corner: new music and old music, good music and bad music. Even MT's in season...

Clavia Ddrum 2

Digital Drum Kit

First there were Ddrums... Nicholas "animal" Howland returns to his skin-bashing roots to test a Swedish electronic kit that aims to replace its acoustic relative.

Drumware GenWave/12

Software for the Atari ST

The first generation of generic sample editors for the Atari ST is led by Drumware's GenWave. Lorenz Rychner breaks the language barrier.

Playing the Blues

Blue Mercedes

Pop hopefuls or Stock, Aitken and Waterman puppets? The men in Blue give David "newboy" Bradwell the inside story on the SAW production stable.

Bass, How Low Can You Go?

It may be at the bottom of the mix, but it's often the heart of the song: the bass. Tom McLaughlin offers some sound advice on sampling the electric bass guitar.

In Praise Of Music

David Torn

Q: When is a guitar not a guitar? A: When it's part of David Sylvian's music. Taking time out from a hectic schedule David Torn talks guitar textures and musical crossovers with Tim "pretentious, moi?" Goodyer.

Workshop Boys

Mike Myers

A pro studio that's offering its facilities to new bands for free? Mike Myers tells Nicholas Rowland what's wrong with the record biz and how he's trying to put it right.


A kit setup for the Alesis HR16 joins the more usual selection of readers DX and D50 patches in this month's Patchwork.

A Provisional Arrangement

Scritti Politti

After three years out of the public eye, Scritti are straight back in the charts with a new LP and single. Green Gartside explains to Tim Goodyer why technology has replaced live performance.

Korg M1

Music Workstation

This synth/sequencer/drum machine with digital effects is the first instrument in Korg's new workstation series. Simon "Mansell" Trask takes it for a test drive.

Lure of the Jingle

Pync Brothers

There's more than one way to a living out of music. Nicholas Rowland talks to the Pync Brothers about writing and recording music specifically for use in TV and radio advertising jingles.

Steinberg Pro24 III

Software for the Atari ST

The latest version of the industry-standard Atari ST sequencing package. Simon Trask finds out if software is fulfilling its promise to keep abreast of the times.

The Secrets of Timbre

Don't touch those Level and Pan controls - you may be able to solve your mixing problems more easily than you think. Robert Rich explains how the timbre of a sound affects its performance in the mix.

SDA Promidi Studio System

Software for the IBM PC

System Design Associates' Promidi Studio System is a powerful sequencing package for IBM and compatible computers that records straight to disk. Ian Waugh checks it out.

FM 4-Operator Editors

Two software packages that offer a generic approach to sound creation on Yamaha's four-operator FM synths. Ian Waugh boots up Dr T's 4-Op Deluxe and the Soundbits 4X4.

Music Technology - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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