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Music Technology - September 1988

Sample Daze

Sampling: Is it legal? Is it art? Tim Goodyer raises some of the issues that will shape tomorrow's music.

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And now the news: tickets for Jean Michel Jarre's Docklands concert; MIDI for the TR808; the radio station which has outlawed sampling. This and more in MT's news spot.

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Q&A time again: this month, problems with MIDI System Exclusive storage, and how to use multi-timbral synthesisers with multitrack tape recorders.

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Your opportunity to sample the views of other readers and to spell out your own on MT's regular readers' letters page.

Digital Music Corporation MX8

MIDI Patchbay Processor

From America: a 1U-high black box which combines MIDI patching, merging and processing capabilities. Vic Lennard encounters a new twist in MIDI processing.

Cookin' The Mix

Norman Cook

The distinctly eighties phenomenon of remixing is playing a significant part in the development of today's popular music. Tim Goodyer discusses the art of remixing with Norman Cook.

Casio VZ1

iPD Digital Synthesiser

Casio's latest synthesiser employs the successor to the company's own PD synthesis system - interactive Phase Distortion. Bob O'Donnell investigates a new phase in synthesis.

Roland D110

LA Synthesiser

Roland's MT32 LA synth expander proved so popular with pro musicians, the company had trouble explaining that it was aimed at the domestic market. Now Thomas Clement test-drives the professionals' LA expander.

A Fair Showing
Show Report

BMF Report

This year's British Music Fair left the confines of Olympia in favour of a stadium atmosphere. Simon Trask goes walkabout at Wembley.

Rags To Riches

Rich Bitch Studio

From rehearsal room to recording complex. David Bradwell tells the story of a Midlands musician who hopes to open a nationwide chain of recording studios.

Casio PG380

Guitar Synth

Is it a guitar? Is it a synthesiser? Steve Shepard straps on Casio's combination of hi-tech sounds, MIDI facilities and old-fashioned guitar playability.

Roland PAD80 Octapad II

MIDI Pad Controller

Roland's follow-up to their successful Pad8 Octapad features expanded memory and enhanced programmability. Simon Trask hits it off with Roland's new percussion controller.

The State Of The Beat

From providing the backbone of Santana's Latin beat, Michael Shrieve has moved into electronic percussion and out again. John Diliberto listens to the drummer's tale.


Short of inspiration? MT's regular selection of readers' synth patches may be just the cure for your programmers' blues.

Copycat Crimes

Sampling and the law: where do you stand when you plug your record deck or CD player into your sampler? David Bradwell investigates the legal position and the attitudes of the music industry.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Prize Guys

Find out if you're the winner of our Akai S700 sampler competition. Plus the winner of our Kawai K1 competition puts in a VIP appearance at the British Music Fair.

The Techno Wave

Techno music, the true successor to late seventies synth-pop, translates the desolation of post-Motown Detroit into electronic dance rhythms. Simon Trask listens to the programmer's tale.

Simmons Portakit

Simmons' reply to Roland's popular Octapad comes complete with built-in sequencer, but is it a match for the Octapad II? Nicholas Rowland checks out the rhythm competition.

Fun in the Waves Part 1

The benefits of additive synthesis software as a means of imitating natural sounds, creating new ones and tidying up your sample loops. Tom McLaughlin adds it all up.

The Power Of The Voice

After releasing an album consisting entirely of human vocal samples, Claire Hamill reintroduces the synthesiser to her music. David Bradwell listens to the singer's tale.

Digidesign Turbosynth

Synthesis Software

CAD meets synthesis inside the Apple Mac. Robert Rich fires up a program that allows you to design your sounds on computer before transferring them to your sampler.

Music Technology - Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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