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Music Technology - December 1990

One Size Fits All

Once a recording studio was a large room lined with futuristic acoustic tiles and filled with impressive equipment; now it could be the corner of a bedroom - it's all a matter of size.

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Forget the Gulf, forget the ERM, forget Polly Peck - possibly the only place in the world today where you're certain to hear only good news is MT's Newsdesk. Read and smile.

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Samplers that dissect sound and the misrepresentation of acoustic instruments feature in this month's readers letters page - if you've got a problem or an opinion on music or hi-technology, this is your soap box.

Celestion SR1/SR3 Monitor System

Looking for a high-quality, lightweight live monitor system for your keyboard rig? Ian Sherwood discovers Celestion's SR series knocks out the watts.

Passport Trax

This cost-effective sequencing package from Passport comes ready to run on all the popular music computers. Ian Waugh checks out the newest relative in the MasterTracks family.


An unusual selection of vocals from the Masterbits Climax Collection sample CD and a bargain collection for TX81Z/DX100 from Emis are the sounds featured in this month's Patchwork.

On The Beat Part 16

Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow - getting away from the 120bpm machine gun, Nigel Lord concentrates on those downtempo numbers in MT's regular drum programming series.

Pushing The Beat

Roland Kerridge

Once he prayed to the beat behind Re-flex, he's since become versed in high technology and worked with artists as diverse as Kate Bush and Mory Kante. Ollie Crooke talks to a rhythm programmer extraordinaire.

Roland SPD8

Total Percussion Pad

On the trail of Roland's successful Octapads comes the SPD8 - a MIDI percussion controller with a neat line in onboard sounds. Simon Trask says beat it.

Oriental Intrigue

Already assured their place in history for inventing the Portastudio, Tascam have also given us a one-inch 24-track machine and now the "Midistudio'. Tim Goodyer visits Japan to find out more about this revolutionary company.

Trackball Round-Up


When you entrust your music to the sophistication of a computer and software, you may find yourself needing something more reliable than a mouse to control it. Vic Lennard has the balls - track balls.

Tales Of The Supernatural

Stereo MCs

In keeping with the ideals of the hip hop movement, the Stereo MCs new LP sees ingenuity and talent used to wring the most out of a minimum of equipment. Simon Trask elevates his mind.

Miditemp MP44 MIDI Player

MIDI Data Recorder

Latest in the emerging trend of MIDI data recorders is MIDItemp's MIDI Player - a composite 64-track sequencer, MIDI processor and patching matrix. Vic Lennard takes on a temp.

The Prophet And The Rising Sun Part 2

Dave Smith

In the second part of this exclusive MT interview, the man behind the Prophet 5 and MIDI discusses MIDI, user interfaces and programming. Simon Trask listens in on the thoughts of Korg's R&D.

Jazz Baby

Jason Rebello

The release of Jason Rebello's first LP shows him to be more than the tasteful performer the jazz circuit already recognises. Simon Trask talks to one of Britain's leading jazz keyboardsmen.

Steinberg MIDEX+

Key Expander/SMPTE Synchroniser

Integration is the name of the game with Steinberg's Midex - a single unit combining a software key expander and a SMPTE synchroniser for the Atari ST. Nigel Lord even likes the colour.

Music Technology - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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