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Music Technology - May 1992

Showing Off

Trade shows are a vital part of many industries - hi-tech music and recording included - but much has changed regarding the forthcoming UK shows. Tim Goodyer investigates.

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I've got some bad news for you, Sunshine / Pink isn't well, he stayed back at the hotel / and they've sent us along as a surrogate band / we're going to find out where you fans really stand - fleshy Pink Floyd lyric.

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The electric storm blown up by self-styled champion of the MIDI guitar, Martin Howard Naylor, comes to a head this month - sound General Quarters, Commander Data.

Cheetah MD16R & MD16RP

Drum Modules

Repackaging a powerful and popular drum machine as a rackmount and adding drum triggers is sure to attract more interest to it. Nigel Lord explores the new Cheetah MD16.

On The Beat Part 30

Imagine buying a drum machine full of good factory preset rhythm programs - instead of the usual collection of cliches. Nigel Lord offers a solution to pre-programmed predictability.

Passport Audio Trax

Apple Macintosh Software

As the Apple Mac computer falls in price, attention is being focussed on less expensive software - like Audio Trax. Ian Waugh checks out a sequencer / audio recorder which won't break the bank.

Frankfurt Paydirt
Show Report

The annual pilgrimage to Europe's largest music fair is over for another year. Vic Lennard brings hot news of the latest hi-tech developments, innovations, launches, lunches...

MIDI: The Next Generation

The long-awaited inclusion of a protocol to allow MIDI control of multitrack tape machines is just one of the recent additions to the MIDI spec. Vic Lennard offers a MIDI update.

Touching Bass

Larry Heard

As Mr Fingers and Fingers Inc, Chicago-based Larry Heard was instrumental in creating the house music movement. Simon Trask talks tech with him on the release of his first LP on a major label.

Fostex X18

Cassette Multitracker

If you're looking for a cost-effective way to add multitrack tape recording to your sequencing setup, it couldn't come much more cheaply than with Fostex' X18. Simon Trask goes back to basics with this new cassette multitrack.

Roland JV80

Digital Synthesiser

Roland's latest professional digital synthesiser crosses the frontier between their successful D-series technology and a new generation of Roland synths - without costing a fortune. Simon Trask welcomes the JV80.

The Lone Raver

The Prodigy

The drug culture of the rave scene continues to attract the attention of both the pop charts and the tabloid press. Tim Goodyer talks Ecstasy, agony and technology with one of the genre's heroes.

Music Technology - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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