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Music Technology - July 1992


When you gotta go, says the old addage, you gotta go. And so it is that MT's editor of some five years signs off and moves into the world of pro audio publishing. MT enters a new era...

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Readers' tips on sequencing, rants about musical snobbery and queries about the best gear for the job all help make this month's open forum a spiritually fulfilling experience.

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Kick out the gloom / Kick down the blues / Tear out the pages / With all the bad news... A Cure for those Doing The Unstuck.

Kurzweil K2000

Digital Synthesiser

After being quiet for a while, Kurzweil are stirring up quite a storm with their latest synth. MT grabbed one for review only to find it had been sold to New Order - consequently, Nick Batzdorf reports from the US.

The Jazz Tip

Ronny Jordan

Fusing jazz with rap and feel with technology are second nature to Ronny Jordan - whose cover of Miles Davis' 'So What' recently made the pop charts. Simon Trask talks to the man on the "jazz tip".

Roland R70 Drum Machine

Human Rhythm Composer

And the beat goes on - not least with Roland's latest drum machine, the R70. Simon Trask checks the pulse of the company that gave us the TR808, and are now giving it to us again.

Digital Remastering

Most of us have bought CDs bearing the label "digitally remastered", but how many of us appreciate what's happened to the music in the process. Tom Doyle exposes the power behind the remastering button.

MOTU Professional Composer

Macintosh Scorewriting Software

One of the leaders of the Mac Pack is Mark Of The Unicorn's Professional Composer. Ian Waugh reports on the latest version of one of the leading Macintosh scorewriters.

Gajits Sequencer One Plus

Atari ST Software

Gajits popular entry-level Sequencer One gets a face lift. Ian Waugh looks into cost effective music making the Manchester way.

Cheetah MS800 Synth Module

Digital Wave Synthesiser

Cheetah's latest synth had already been axed and revived before the public got a glimpse of it. Simon Trask gets his hands on one of the cheapest, oddest and most intriguing modules on the market.

News Of The World

Ryuichi Sakamoto

Ryuichi Sakamoto was a founder of the YMO before becoming one of David Sylvian's favoured partners. Now, fresh from a Japanese and a series of film scores he tells Tim Goodyer about his latest LP.

Come In No. 7
Retrospective (Gear)

In the days before Roland established their reputation for consistently delivering the goods, they turned out some weird and wonderful synths. Peter Forrest lifts the dust cover on the old SH7 monosynth.

ART Multiverb LTX

Multi-effects Processor

ART's ever-expanding range of signal processors is intended to cater for musicians of all styles and financial means. Nicholas Rowland test drives a new effects unit whose price belies its power.


A long-awaited replacement for Roland's discontinued M-64C RAM cartridge joins the Dangerous CD Company's Danger 1 sampling CD on the spot in this month's Patchwork.

TDM Rave

Atari ST Software


Atari ST Software

Organising song files seems tedious - until you can't find the patterns you need. Vic Lennard boots up a program which makes housekeeping Creator/Notator files easy.

Music Technology - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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