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Sound On Sound - February 1986


The Shape Of Things To Come

Roland's new MIDI Micro Composer, Studiomaster and TOA MIDI Mixers and Soundcraft amplifiers are viewed through the crystal ball this month.

The X Series Convention Report
Show Report

For those of you who missed it, here's our brief round-up of the excellent day's events at the recent Yamaha/DX Owners' Club convention in London.

Shaping Sound Part 3

Filtering, Enveloping And Keyboard Sensing.

In the penultimate part of his series, designed to help you get the best from your sampling machines, keyboard programmer Paul Wiffen returns to his analogue roots to modify some samples.

Akai MIDI Effects

Digital Delay, Dynamic Control and Arpeggiation emerge from the MIDI jungle. Paul Gilby observes this rare species.

Black Magic

Fostex Model 80 Tape Recorder

A second generation 8-track from Fostex that offers autolocate and timecode control to the budget studio. Paul Gilby opens the box to discover the secrets of the black magic.

The Dynamic Duo

Yamaha smash new price barriers with their latest FM synths - the DX100 and DX27. Mark Jenkins assesses their performance as stand-alone keyboards and as compact MIDI expanders.

Portrait Of A Freelance Engineer

Paul Libson

Ted Fletcher documents the rise of a talented studio engineer whose recorded credits already include albums by Gary Moore and China Crisis.

The Missing Links

Wave goodbye to constant repatching of MIDI cables and problems with the delay-inducing Thru socket using these useful MIDI routing boxes from Quark. Paul Wiffen enlightens us.

ACES B1816

Could it be the perfect match?

Ever since Fostex released the B16 multitrack, mixer manufacturers have been claiming their models to be the ideal match for it. Dave Simpson reckons ACES' latest attempt comes damn close to being the perfect match at only £1300.

Hot Valves!

Dynacord MIDI Amplifier

The marriage of valve and MIDI technology in Dynacord's Reference 500 guitar amplifier results in an astonishingly good design as Ian Gilby discovered.

Perfect Beat

Bronski Beat

As their hit single 'Perfect Beat' proves, Bronski Beat are more than capable of producing enjoyable, dynamic electronic pop. Mark Jenkins talks in depth to Bronski's Larry Steinbachek about how they encompass modern technology in their recordings and live performances.

Need A Helping Hand?

Dave Simpson discovers a remote control, autolocate and spare hand all in one compact unit - the QuPlay QP1.

Talking MIDI Part 3

Jay Chapman designs his own MIDI protocol this month to help show you how the real MIDI system orders about the binary information it uses to represent music.


Ian Waugh makes a global search of the UK MIDI software scene and presents this roundup of what is available and from whom.

On The Air

Radio drama relies heavily on the skills of the sound engineer as you can well imagine. Janet Angus spoke with one of its leading exponents, John Rowland, aboard The Barge Studio to discover what special techniques are involved.

Vintage Classics

Virtually every synth and keyboard made has passed through the hands of Keyboard Hire's Alexander Skeaping at some point in time, so we sent David Etheridge along to tap his thoughts on the subject of buying secondhand keyboards.

Music & Pictures Part 3

How To Actually Set About It

Producer/Composer Robin Lumley details what's involved in writing and recording your first piece of music for a TV commercial.

Soldiering On

Rod Argent

Like many keyboard aces of the Seventies, Rod Argent too has turned his talents toward writing music for films and television, his most recent venture being the music for the highly acclaimed BBC TV series 'Soldiers'. Here he explains to Ian Gilby the procedures involved.

Using Timecodes Part 1

An Introduction To Timecode Synchronisation

The release of the new Fostex synchronisers reinforces the importance of timecode in today's recording process. So, to help you familiarise yourself with their applications, Francis Rumsey begins a new series that should tell you all you need to know about timecodes.

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