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Sound On Sound - April 1987


The Shape of Things to Come

Our regular monthly exploration of upcoming new products.

Tascam 112 cassette

Gareth Stuart investigates Tascam's latest stereo cassette mastering machine and learns why pro equipment nearly always carries a pro price tag.

The Aural Historians

National Sound Archive

Where can you go to listen to your selection of over one million records and tapes, old and new? Read David Etheridge's revealing article on the NSA to find out...

Yamaha RX5

To Call It A Drum Machine Would Be An Insult!

The pace of change never slackens at the Nippon Gakki factory. The piano makers turned motorbike manufacturers roar in with a new digital rhythm machine, the RX5. Review by David Mellor

Sound Advice

More readers' queries are answered by the expert teaching staff of London's Gateway School of Recording & Music Technology.

Inside Views: E-mu Systems

Continuing our series that looks at hi-tech companies and design personnel working in the field of music and recording technology, Paul Gilby talks to Marco Alpert, Director of Marketing & Sales for E-mu Systems of America - the company behind the Emulator and Emax samplers.

When Worlds Collide

The Chieftains In China

Janet Angus reports on what happened when Irish folk group The Chieftains took up an offer to do a concert tour of China and decided to record the event.

MIDI Matters Part 3

Timbre Editing Via MIDI

Jay Chapman leans back and takes a philosophical overview of timbre editing via MIDI.

Sounds of Metropolis

Larry Fast

Mark Jenkins pins down the expert synthesist/programmer best known for his work with Peter Gabriel, and discusses the release of his eighth solo album - 'Metropolitan Suite'.

Korg DSS-1

Sampling Synthesizer

The DSS-1 offers 12-bit sampling, high fidelity samples, integral dual digital delay and EQ, plus the most comprehensive synthesizer section of all the midrange samplers. Review by Mark Jenkins.

How It Works - Interconnection Part 3

If a pair of trendy phono leads for your record player can cost as much as £100 or more, how much should it cost to cable up your studio? David Mellor has the answer...


Reader Profile

Having written to us suggesting we extend our magazine coverage to include readers' own set-ups and experiences, Bruce Graham suddenly found himself the subject of such a feature. Read on and find out why...

Simmons SPM8:2 MIDI Mixer

A mixer from Simmons? Why not? The application of MIDI control to audio mixers is resulting in a radical departure from traditional designs, as Tony Hastings found out when he road-tested the SPM8:2 recently.

Joreth Music Composer System

Software for the Commodore 64

Ian Waugh explores Joreth Music's integrated Music Composer System and Real-Time Linker - two powerful MIDI sequencing packages for the Commodore 64 micro.

Never Again!

West 3 Studios

Rebuilding a studio control room is not a task for the feint of heart, as Dave Buckley of West 3 Studios in West London reveals in this amusing case study...

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