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Sound On Sound - November 1989


Volume 5 Starts Here!

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More news, views and scintillating grapevine gossip!

Shape of Things to Come

A colourful bonanza of newly released and forthcoming new products.

Media Production Services

Want to be a recording engineer? Terry Holton provides an insight into the audio and video production training courses offered by London-based Media Production Services.

C-Lab Human Touch

Dave Lockwood reviews this aptly named add-on audio triggering unit for C-Lab's highly popular Creator/Notator sequencing system.

The Musical Micro
Show Report

1989 PC Show Report

Over 100,000 people attended this year's show; Paul Ireson reveals what you missed music-wise if you stayed at home.

Soundcraft 200 Delta

Modular Mixing Console

Does Soundcraft's new 200 Delta mixer succeed in being all things to all men? David Mellor finds out...

New Reality

The story of a CD

Not many people would have the courage to give up a lucrative career in the jingles business in order to record and release their own CD. But that's precisely what Simon Renouf has done, and this is his story...

Visual Editing Systems

Most editing software is more user-friendly than digital parameter access, and more suited to the demands of editing complex digital synthesizers than traditional analogue controls. Greg Truckell investigates.

Yamaha AVS10

Multitimbral Expander

From the home organ division of the Japanese giant comes a box which wipes the floor with anything that Yamaha’s Professional Keyboards division can currently produce. Paul Wiffen reveals the secret of the black box...

Emu Systems Proteus

The prospect of a high-spec sample player bearing the Emu name, but costing 'under £1000', had musician's waiting with baited breath for its appearance. Now Proteus is here, and Paul Ireson breathes a sigh of relief as he finds that it was worth the wait.

Getting into Video Part 3

PART 3; David Mellor looks at how the requirements of different types of music for TV and film can dictate the sophistication of your synchronising capabilities, and at how machine synchronisation works in practice.

Beyer MC740

Condenser Microphone

Good quality microphones can be a real asset to any type of studio, but if you want the best tools you should be prepared to pay the price for them. Gareth Stuart considers the worth of Beyer's top of the range condenser mic.

Yamaha RTC1

Mixer Remote Control

In response to suggestions from engineers Yamaha have developed the RTC1, which provides remote control of up to four DMP7, DMP7D and/or DMP11 digital mixers. Terry Holton tries one out.

Dr.T Xor

System Exclusive Orchestrator

If you have a large number of disorganised patches and an unruly MIDI network, then Xor is made for you. It is designed to make sound management and working with MIDI instruments easier. Martin Russ finds out if the claims are true.

Digital Signal Processing Part 2

PART TWO: Basic Effects

PART 2: Carrying on from last month's explanation of the basic principles of digital signal processing, Jim Grant explains how to put these into practice and create some useful and familiar effects.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About System Exclusive Part 8

(But Were Too Afraid To Ask!)

PART 8: Martin Russ explains the circular nature of parameter editing and data dumps.

Studio Reproduction Part 2

PART 2: Last month's article saw Reproduction Studio in the early stages of construction. This month, in the final part, the finished project comes under scrutiny.

Tokyo Music & Sound Expo
Show Report

The Tokyo Expo is normally a fairly low-key domestic affair, but this year several major new products were unveiled for the first time ever. Our man in Japan, Paul Wiffen, was there to report on some of the hi-tech instruments that will be vying for your money in the coming year; including Yamaha's new mega-synth, the SY77

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World Of Music Software

More hints and tips from C-Lab, The Digital Muse and Steinberg.

The Music Network

SOS On-line

More news of what SOS is doing on The Music Network.

Sounding Off

The Tapeless Recording Boom — Fact Or Fiction?

Is the 'Tapeless Studio’ fact or fiction? Yasmin Hashmi ponders the current state of the recording industry.

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