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Sound On Sound - May 1990


Goodbye Obsolescence

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Shape of Things to Come

Your chance to check out some of the new hi-tech and recording equipment launched at last month's Frankfurt Music Fair.

Carry On Doctor!

Boss DR550 Dr. Rhythm

In 1980, the original boss DR55 Dr. Rhythm gave many people their first introduction to programmable drum machines. In 1990, the new DR550 is set to make musicians on a tight budget equally happy by providing their first taste of excellent 16-bit sampled drum sounds. Paul Ireson beats a path to his local music store's door.

Sonic Images Sample CDs

There may be few instruments in the world that have not yet been sampled, but there is still an infinite number of ways it can be done. David Mellor auditions the Sonic Images sample library volumes 2 and 3.

The Synthetic Realism Of Jean-Michel Jarre

Jean-Michel Jarre

Since heralding in a new musical era in 1976 with the release of his innovative synthesizer-based opus, 'Oxygene', Jean-Michel Jarre has gone on to sell almost 34 million records worldwide. Currently embarking on a new album project, as well as planning a series of concerts to welcome in the new decade, Richard Buskin visited Jarre in his home studio to talk about the technology behind his music.

Dr.T's Copyist

Music Transcription Program

Writing out full scores and individual parts for fellow musicians used to be a slavish occupation for a skilled select few. Now, with the benefit of low cost computers and music transcription programs like this one from DR.T, almost anyone can produce professional results that don't cost the earth. Amanda Stuart explores.

MIDItemp PMM88

MIDI Router

Midi routing systems have come a long way since the humble passive thru box. Kendall Wrightson explores a sophisticated example of the species.

Studer Dyaxis

Digital Audio Production System

Today's high-end tools for the professional are tomorrows affordable tools for the musician in the street. David Mellor explores a Macintosh-based digital recording and editing system from a company best known for their analogue tape recorders.

Peavey DPM3

Composition Centre

Announced over a year ago, the all-American DPM3 has finally landed on our shores. Martin Russ takes the wraps off Peavey's much publicised first foray into the hi-tech keyboard market.


Is Hybrid Arts SMPTETrack for the Atari ST keeping pace with the front runners? David Mellor upgrades his sequencer package to version II software and hardware.

Recording Techniques Part 6

The Mixing Console (2)

Part 6: The mixing console. David Mellor continues his close examination of the recording studio's most complex and expensive piece of equipment.

As Easy As EZE

Ensoniq EPS Sample Editor

Perhaps its because the auto-looping functions on Ensoniq's EPS sampler are so effective that computer-based sample editing software for the machine is so thin on the ground? Matthew Newman checks out Gelva Software's first offering.

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World Of Music Software

More hints and tips from the world of music software.

The Music Network

News of the latest activities on the musician's favourite electronic communications network.

Sounding Off

Hi-Tech And Masculinity

Hi-tech and masculinity: Patrick Dailly wonders why more boys get involved with hi-tech music than girls.

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