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Sound On Sound - July 1991


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Your chance to catch up on whats happening in the whacky world of hi-tech music and recording.

Shape Of Things To Come

Yet another selection of recently announced new products to whet your appetite!

Do The DATman

Sony TCD-D3 DAT Walkman

It is often said that the best things come in small packages — and the new Sony DAT Walkman is no exception to the rule. Simon Sanders takes a look at this miracle of micro electronics and asks, "Can anyone lend me £650?"

Hands On

Emu Emax II

The first in an occasional series in which David Mellor looks at well-established and respected pieces of musical and audio equipment, and tells you what you need to know to start making music with them.

Roland RSP550

Yet another sleek, black, 16-bit multi effects unit? Or does the new Roland RSP550 have something more to offer? Kendall Wrightson has the answer.

Jon Hassell

Jon Hassell

Jon Hassell has been at the leading edge of new music for three decades, with major contributions to western avant garde and world music. Following the re-release of two classic albums from the early '80s, Mark J. Prendergast presents a retrospective of Hassell's work.

The Hot 100

Yamaha EMP100 Multi-Effects Processor

The latest addition to Yamahas highly affordable 100 series, the EMP100, could prove to be its best buy yet. Paul Ireson explains why.

The Max Factor

Opcode Max Software

Opcode's Max is an Apple Macintosh based graphical programming environment primarily aimed at manipulating MIDI data. It's also highly addictive as Kendall Wrightson discovered.

Emu Procussion

Sampled Percussion Performance Module

What is it about programmed drum parts that make them sound programmed. Paul Wiffen goes in search of the secret of realistic drumming, and finds it in the Emu Procussion.

MIDI Mixing Made Easy

MIDIMation VCA Automation System

Even if your music is fully MIDI-controlled, when it comes to mixing you're probably still relying on fingers and thumbs. But mix automation is coming within reach of the home recordist — MIDIMation offers 16 channels of VCA based level and mute automation for under £1,000. Simon Sanders investigates this new box of mix tricks.

Still Life

Tony Banks

Tony Banks talks to Kendall Wrightson about his new solo album, Technology, and the latest chapter in the book of Genesis.

Band-In-A-Box V4.1

Auto-Accompaniment — With Style

Martin Russ gets inside version 4.1 of Band-In-A-Box — now with user styles!

Signal Processors... Meet MIDI

Signal processor control is one of MIDI's less well-known applications yet it offers enormous scope for the imaginative user. Craig Anderton is your guide...

Ensoniq SQ1 Plus Workstation

Almost exactly a year since the launch of the ensoniq SQ1, an updated version has arrived. Paul Ireson looks at the 1991 model of Ensoniq's most affordable workstation.

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World Of Music Software

More hints and tips from the software manufacturers themselves. This month: C-Lab, Steinberg and Voyetra.

Sounding Off

The Computer And The Environment

Will Hutchings on the environmental impact of the personal computer.

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