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Sound On Sound - February 1992


Everything Gives You Cancer

This article has no OCR bodytext.Shape Of Things To Come

Another round-up of new products, plus news from the world of hi-tech music.

Into The Heart Of Emu's New Keyboard

Emu Proteus Master Performance System

Martin Russ continues his in-depth look at Emu's new keyboard.

LA Audio Multi Gate

Zenon Schoepe gets to grips with this 16-channel MIDI controllable gate/mute processor.

The Complete Sampler Buyers' Guide

Or Everything You Need To Know About Buying A Sampler, But Didn't Know Who To Ask. Julian Colbeck is your guide.

Cyber-Tribal World Funkateers


D'Cuckoo are hardly your average MIDI band: they build their own instruments; they're all women, and they play "post-industrial cyber-tribal world-funk". Paul Tingen investigates.

Yamaha MT120

4-track Cassette Recorder

Yamaha's new MT120 cassette 4-tracker improves further on their successful MT100, offering excellent features including 5-band graphic EQ; Dave Lockwood boldly goes where even the manual hasn't gone before.

Star Wires

The Wires and Wherefores of Connecting up Your Studio

If you're spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on studio equipment, you might as well spend a little time to ensure that it's actually connected up properly. Wilf Smarties explains how to avoid hums, buzzes, earth loops, and all those other nasty shocks...

The New Wave

Korg Wavestation A/D

Korg add new samples, a vocoder and a pair of audio inputs to their highly acclaimed Advanced Vector synthesizer, and put the result in a rack. Kendall Wrightson says the Wavestation A/D is a TV/film composer's dream machine.

Hands On: Akai S1000 Sampler

There's an S1000 in every studio — almost. David Mellor presents an introduction to this popular sampler.

Standard MIDI Files

In Search Of The Truth

Despite the fact that Standard MIDI Fil es have been about for quite a while there is, for many users, still more than a little confusion about their purpose and use. Paul Overaa sheds some light on the subject...

Keeping Track

Opcode Track Chart

Need to keep track of your tracks in the studio? Opcode's Track Chart offers a package of handy utilities for engineers; Mike Collins tries it out.

Wet, Wet, Wet!

LSW Poolside Drums Sampling CD

David Mellor tastes a hot product from the London Sample Workshop.

Crystal Clear

Voice Crystal SY77 Disks 1 & 2

Martin Russ takes a break from programming sounds and auditions someone else's instead.

Fractal Action

Fractal Music Composer

Martin Russ looks at a program that generates music from chaos.

101 Uses For A...

Friend-Chip K..AT

You've tried the mouse; now check out its computer-friendly feline counterpart, which offers remote control of Atari keyboard equivalents. Martin Russ prowls around the Friend-Chip K..AT.

Keep It Simple

Sessionmaster Direct Recording Pre-Amp

The Sessionmaster spurns unnecessary extras best left to other effects units and concentrates on producing a quality DI guitar sound. Dave Lockwood approves.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Win A Roland RSP550!

Your chance to win Roland's studio-quality stereo effects processor!

This article has no OCR bodytext.Win Steinberg Software!

We have a Steinberg Studio Pac (Cubase 3.0 with a Midex+), plus copies of Cubase 3.0 and Cubeat 2.0 to give away!

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World Of Music Software

More hints and tips from the software publishers themselves. This month: Steinberg; Passport; Opcode.


Why 16-bit/44.1 kHz sampling doesn't necessarily equal CD audio quality.

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