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Sound On Sound - August 1992


User Interfaces

This article has no OCR bodytext.Shape Of Things To Come

Another round-up of new products, plus news from the world of hi-tech music.

Disco Tech

Roland DJ70 Sampling Keyboard

Roland's DJ70 repackages the guts of an S750 as a DJ-oriented sampling keyboard with a glut of time-saving features. Wilf Smarties welcomes the unit that redefines user friendly sampling.

World Machine

Emu Proteus 3 World

Emu's new Proteus 3 is to hi-tech music what Phileas Fogg is to convenience foods. Nigel Humberstone tries a taste of authentic sounds from around the world.

The Integration Game Part 1

Improving your MIDI Environment

In part one of this two-part article, Martin Russ looks at how the right software can make the difference between a studio full of lonely synths, samplers and other gadgets, and a powerful integrated setup.

Yamaha EMP700

Stereo Effects Processor

It's slim, dark and sexy, flashes alluringly in a rack and has multiple uses - it's Yamaha's latest sound processor, the EMP700. Derek Johnson opens up the black magic box.

Sequencers Have Feelings Too

Your sequencer could be having more of an effect on your music than your synths do. Wilf Smarties wonders whether you should be giving your MC50 a co-writing credit...

Radio Days

Technology On The Air

When Paul D. Lehrman was asked to use his technological expertise to help create a radio quiz show, he rose to the challenge — and discovered it was just about the best fun he could have standing up.

Opcode MAXplay

MIDI Utility Software

MAXplay opens a window on a world of MIDI applications, including MIDI analysers, harmonisers, editor/librarians and much, much more. Kendall Wrightson investigates.

Hands On: Casio DA7 DAT Recorder

Casio's DA7 is one of the cheapest DAT recorders on the market, yet it is still a suitable machine for mastering. David Mellor reveals its better features and finds ways round a couple of problems.

Wayne's World

Mission In Action | The Mission

Instead of recording their latest opus in expensive pro studios, the Mission have been laying tracks in a rural barn. It might seem they've fallen from grace; Robert Michael finds it ain't necessarily so.

Diamond Life

Gem S2 Music Processor

GEM's newest synth, with its polished sound and presentation, could be set to dispel the company's homely image. Martin Russ discovers the multi-faceted GEM S2.

Drum Programming Part 4

A Series By Warren Cann

In this month's instalment, Warren Cann circumnavigates his drum machine in search of the perfect song map.

Fostex 2412

24-Channel Multitrack Mixer

Fostex's new 24-channel 12-group 2412 mixer packs big console features into a compact frame. Dave Lockwood tries it on for size.

School's In

Manchester School Of Sound Recording

A course in recording provides a way of breaking out of the classic Catch 22 — you can't get studio work without experience, and can't get experience without work. Tim Hurrell reports on the Manchester School Of Sound Recording and what their 1-year course has to offer.

Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only The Keyboard Player

Playing Keyboards With Elton John | Mark Taylor

Elton John goes on tour this month to promote his new album The One; Julian Colbeck took the opportunity to talk to keyboardsman Mark Taylor about equipment, entertainment, and Elton.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Win A Novation MM10!

We're giving away one of Novation's outstanding MM10 mini keyboards — no QY10 owner should be without one.

ST Notes

Mac Notes

This article has no OCR bodytext.Win A Year's Free Training!

Your chance to gain a place on Manchester School of Sound Recording's 1-year Certificate Level course.

PC Notes

Boss DR550 MkII

Drum Machine

Two years after the launch of the original Boss DR550 drum machine, a mere £26 extra buys you a DR550 MKII with almost twice the number of sounds. Derek Johnson approves.

Hands On OnSTAGE

Atari ST MIDI File Player

Hands On's OnSTAGE package frees your ST from its monitor, and turns it into a gigging sequencer. Derek Johnson checks it out.

Kenton Electronics Pro 2

MIDI-To-CV Convertor

Kenton Electronics are well-known for their quality internal MIDI retrofits for analogue synths. Paul Ireson gets converted to their new stand-alone MIDI-to-CV interface.

LA Audio MIDI Mute

MIDI Controlled Muting

Paul White evaluates this compact and cost-effective means of adding sequencer-driven mute automation to any mixing console.

Sample Shop

Groove guru Wile Smarties reports on the latest sample CDs.

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World of Music Software

This month, helpful hints for users of Steinberg, Opcode, and Dr. T music software.


20 Things You Probably Never Knew About CD.

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