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Editorial | Music UK, Aug 1982

Editor's soapbox, writs will fly!


Editorial | In Tune, Oct 1985

So There We Were - Surrounded!

Roost SR100 Head & Cab

Review | Music UK, Apr 1983
Roost 100 Valve Head & 300W 4X12 Cab

ROOST SR100 Valve Top plus 4 x 12 cab: Bird's nest scoop! 28

Sound Advice - Part 1

Feature | Topic: Microphones | In Tune, May 1986

All about mikes – Part 1 of IT's unique guide.

The Jazz Age

Review | In Tune, Nov 1986
Jaydee Crusader 'Jazz'

Staccato Fretless Bass & Body

Review | In Tune, Jun 1985

Tascam 244 Portastudio

Review | Music UK, Aug 1982

Gary Cooper records his verdict

The Empire Strikes Back

Feature | In Tune, Oct 1985
Fender Facts

The true story, told at last!

Washburn Falcon & D29S Acoustic

Review | Music UK, Apr 1983

Washburns for tomorrow — Top guitars in triumphant return? 54

Hot Pix! Hot Licks

Review | In Tune, May 1986
Video Value

Hotlicks team on silver screen.

Rhine Gold!

Review | In Tune, Nov 1986
Warwick 'Thumb' Bass

Premium Bond?

Review | In Tune, Jun 1985

V-Amp 30

Review | Music UK, Aug 1982

Britain's newest amp swallows pages. Read why

Hotlicks Instruction Tapes

Review | In Tune, Oct 1985
'Master Series' By John Entwistle


Editorial | Music UK, May 1983

Welcome on Board says Editor (Jolly Roger Hoisted)


Editorial | In Tune, Jun 1986

Read all about IT!

A New Track Record?

Review | In Tune, Nov 1986
Yamaha MT1X 4-Track Cassette Recorder

MIDI 4-track recorder

GTE 'Studio Tube' Bass Pre-Amp

Review | In Tune, Jun 1985

Kramer Stagemaster 2 Bass

Review | Music UK, Aug 1982

Aluminium neck for heavy metal

Accessit Aphex Exciter

Review | In Tune, Oct 1985

Jon Lord

Interview | Music UK, May 1983

Whitesnake's Jon Lord talks gear & Technique with Gary Cooper

Hand Me That Hamer!

Review | In Tune, Jun 1986
The Hamer Chaparral


Editorial | In Tune, Dec 1986

IT Goes Monthly - Ed. Explains

Doing the Business

Feature | Topic: Music Business, Recording | In Tune, Jun 1985

Making the Most of Studio Time


Editorial | Music UK, Sep 1982

Mad Editor says spend, spend, spend!



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