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MIDIMouse Sonicflight D50/550 Capture!

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1989
Software for the Atari ST

If you're drowning in ROMs and RAMs full of D50 patches but still can't lay your hands on the sound you need, an editor/librarian program like Capture! could be the answer to your prayer. Gordon Reid is captivated.


Review | Music Technology, Sep 1991
Organ Synthesiser Module

Another contender for the recently-reinstated Hammond Drawbar crown comes in a single rack space. Gordon Reid organises his thoughts.

Space-Age Echo

Review | Phaze 1, May 1989
DREAM MACHINE: roland space echo

the roland space echo lives - with the help of a little modern technology


Feature | Music Technology, Jun 1990

If you're looking to expand your sampler's vocabulary of drum sounds or your D50 library, Patchworks' Drumtrax sample tape and PA Decoder's D50 Rom Volume III should be worth checking out - start here.

Quinsoft K4 Magician

Review | Music Technology, Nov 1991
Atari ST Software

Few players get the best out of their synths these days without the help of a software editor. Gordon Reid boots up his ST and goes to work on his Kawai K4.

Studiomaster MA36

Review | Music Technology, Nov 1989

Hands up if you've ever had to go MIDI troubleshooting - and if you'd like it to be easier next time. Gordon Reid examines the logical solution to sorting out MIDI problems.


Feature | Music Technology, Nov 1991
Valhala International Gold Cards D131 & D132 for the Roland D110

If you're a Roland D110 user and you're looking for fresh inspiration from your synth, you could try Valhala's D110 voice cards. Gordon Reid practices his card tricks.

The Music Revival

Feature | Topic: Restoration / Archival, Tape, Vinyl, CD, DAT | Music Technology, Nov 1989
Cedar Audio Restoration

As well as creating sound, digital technology can be used to rescue old or damaged recordings. Gordon Reid looks at a British system that's leading the world in audio restoration.


Feature | Music Technology, Dec 1991

A collection of CDs which should be the sampler's delight are the stars of this month's Patchwork. If your music needs a boost from Ed Stratton, Coldcut or Pascal Gabriel, check out these disks.

Musictronics MEX D50/D550 Expansion

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1990

When your favourite keyboard starts to look a little out of date, do you remain faithful to it or sell it? If it's a D50 you could give it multitimbrality, more waveforms and extra memories. Gordon Reid installs the MEX.

Vocal Codes From The Underground

Retrospective (Gear) | Topic: Vintage Instruments | Music Technology, Feb 1992
Roland VP330

Roland's VP330 Vocoder Plus not only helped to put vocoders on the map, but has since become a classic keyboard in its own right. Gordon Reid says "synths that make you go Hmmm".

Quinsoft FB01 Librarian

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1990
Atari ST Software

When you're on a limited budget it's important to get the most out of every piece of gear you own. Gordon Reid checks out budget software aimed at getting the best out of your FB01.

Geerdes D-Series Editor

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1992

If you're using one of Roland's D-series synths (or an MT32) and you're tired of doing battle with its programming system, this ST editor/librarian can help. Gordon Reid goes soft on his D5.

Roland S330

Review | Music Technology, Aug 1988
Sampling Module

An inquisitive Gordon Reid poses the question "how much sampler can you get into a single rack space?". Roland's S330 sampling module replies "more than you might expect".


Feature | Music Technology, Jul 1992

A long-awaited replacement for Roland's discontinued M-64C RAM cartridge joins the Dangerous CD Company's Danger 1 sampling CD on the spot in this month's Patchwork.

Life Of A Prophet

Retrospective (Gear) | Topic: Vintage Instruments | Music Technology, Aug 1990
Prophet 600

While Sequential's Prophet 5 will always be regarded as a milestone in synthesiser technology, their Prophet 600 is almost forgotten already. Gordon Reid attempts to correct the history books.

Roland RE3

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1989
Digital Space Echo

When Roland made the most popular tape echo unit in the world they called it Space Echo - now they've revived it in digital form. Gordon Reid listens to echoes from the past.


Feature | Music Technology, Aug 1990

With so many disappointing sounds currently being sold as the work of "professional" programmers, it's reassuring to find a selection as good as Valhala's International Gold cards for the Korg M1.

The Odd One

Retrospective (Gear) | Topic: Vintage Instruments | Music Technology, Jan 1988

ARP Odyssey owner and enthusiast Gordon Reid remembers the only synthesiser that gave the Minimoog a run for its money back in the 70s - the sounds of oscillator cross-modulation and filter sweeps live on.


Feature | Music Technology, Oct 1990

A wide selection of sound libraries from Sound Source Unlimited, Roland and Stiletto come under the scrutiny of the Patchwork reviewers.


Feature | Topic: Synthesizer Patches | Music Technology, May 1988

PA Decoder's D50 ROM cartridge joins a selection of readers' own sounds in this month's Patchwork. If you're short of a sound, or simply short of inspiration, read on.


Feature | Music Technology, Nov 1990
VALHALA D50 Sound Cards

Under the spotlight in this month's Patchwork are the stablemates to the astounding Valhala M1 sound cards - those for Roland's D50. Gordon Reid asks "can they maintain the standard?".

Hybrid Arts EZ-Track Plus

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1988
Software for the Atari ST

An upgraded version of Hybrid Arts' EZ-Track brings a new degree of sophistication to mid-price sequencing software. Gordon Reid takes it EZ with his Atari.


Feature | Topic: Synthesizer Patches | Music Technology, Jan 1989

A review of PA Decoder's D50 ROM Vol II joins patches for the Ensoniq ESQ1, Kawai K1 and Korg DW6000 in this months' selection of readers' sounds.

SoundFoundation Producer Series Gold Card No.1

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1993
for the Korg Wavestation



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