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Intelligent Music MIDIDraw

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1989
Software for the Atari ST

As well as being a communications standard, MIDI has encouraged the development of new forms of musical expression - like this graphic music program. Ian Waugh draws his own conclusions.

Microillusions Music-X

Review | Music Technology, Oct 1989

Commodore's Amiga computer is the beneficiary of this impressive - and colourful - sequencing package. Ian Waugh welcomes the illusion.

Dynaware Ballade

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1990
IBM PC Software

This combined sequencer and tone editor for the IBM PC will work happily with Roland's MT32 and LAPC1. Ian Waugh looks into a serious PC music system.


Feature | Music Technology, Oct 1990

A wide selection of sound libraries from Sound Source Unlimited, Roland and Stiletto come under the scrutiny of the Patchwork reviewers.

Roland Tentrax

Review | Music Technology, Aug 1991
Atari ST Software

Using a Roland MT32 or any Roland CM modules and looking to get into sequencing on an Atari? Ian Waugh reckons that there's a particular piece of software you should check out.

MOTU Professional Composer

Review | Music Technology, Jul 1992
Macintosh Scorewriting Software

One of the leaders of the Mac Pack is Mark Of The Unicorn's Professional Composer. Ian Waugh reports on the latest version of one of the leading Macintosh scorewriters.


Review | Music Technology, Oct 1992

C-Lab Aura

Review | Music Technology, May 1991

Concluding C-Lab's educational series of programs for the Atari ST is the ear training program, Aura. Ian Waugh teaches the world to sing.

Pro-MIDI Interface

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1993
For the Amiga

Synthesiser Information Sources

Feature | Electronics & Music Maker, Jul 1982

Microdeal Clarity 16 Sampler

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1993
for the Commodore Amiga

If you’ve got a Commodore Amiga computer, this could be the sampling system for you. Ian Waugh examines the add-on that might just take off


Feedback | Music Technology, Aug 1993

Technical problems deftly solved by MT's experts

Computer World

Feature | Topic: Buyer's Guide, Computing | Music Technology, Jan 1994

Want to get into computing and multimedia but unsure where to start? Ian Waugh guides you through the maze of computers and jargon

Sunrise Software PC Drummer

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1994
drum pattern editor

Yet more useful kit for PC musicians. Honestly, we're spoiling you...

Back on track

Review | The Mix, Aug 1994
Falcon hardware mods

Give your Atari more studio cred

Dr T'S Tunesmith

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1989
Software for the Atari ST

When the conventional approaches to composing music wn't deliver the goods, this Atari ST program may help provide the inspiration. Ian Waugh investigates computer-generated music.

EMR Studio 24+

Review | Music Technology, Oct 1989

Still suffering from a dearth of software, the powerful Acorn Archimedes computer has yet to gain acceptance in music circles - will this sequencer help it on its way? Ian Waugh checks it out.

Yamaha SY55

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1990

Reviewed as the TG55 expander last month, one of Yamaha's new children has grown a keyboard and sequencer and become an instrument in its own right. Ian Waugh gives a SY of relief.


Feature | Music Technology, Dec 1990

An unusual selection of vocals from the Masterbits Climax Collection sample CD and a bargain collection for TX81Z/DX100 from Emis are the sounds featured in this month's Patchwork.

IMS Report

Show Report | Music Technology, Sep 1991

Every news bulletin tells us more about "the recession" - but how badly is it affecting the music biz? Ian Waugh reports from the front line at the International Music Show.

Gajits Sequencer One Plus

Review | Music Technology, Jul 1992
Atari ST Software

Gajits popular entry-level Sequencer One gets a face lift. Ian Waugh looks into cost effective music making the Manchester way.

Joreth System 7 & CZ Editor

Review | Sound On Sound, May 1987
Software for Commodore 64

Ian Waugh takes a look at this combined MIDI sequencer/librarian package, and voice editors for the CZ and DX synth ranges.

EMC SY/TG55 Manager/Editor

Review | Music Technology, May 1991
Atari ST Software

Is it a librarian? Is it a manager? Ian Waugh checks out this flexible ST software companion to Yamaha's SY55 synth - and reckons he can't manage without it.

Yamaha QY20 Portable Workstation

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1993

Something to play with in your pocket

Spectro Sound Studio

Feature | Topic: Education, Recording Studios | Electronics & Music Maker, Aug 1982

A look at Newcastle’s ‘open access' electro-music studio.



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