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The Tascam Way - Part 1

Review | Sound International, May 1978

The Teac 80-8 tape machine, Tascam Model 5 mixer, and dbx DX-8 noise-reduction unit.

The Tascam Way - Part 2

Review | Sound International, Jun 1978

The Teac 80-8 tape machine, Tascam Model 5 mixer and dbx DX-8 noise-reduction unit: last month we examined them individually, this month we look at them in combination.

Itam Compliment

Review | Sound International, Jun 1978

Compress and limit the ITAM way; Mel Lambert on the ITAM Compliment.


News | Sound International, Aug 1978


News | Sound International, Sep 1978
Studios and Recording

Pages to the power of three, taking in Stevie's Peavey, CB, guitar gallery, and more.

MXR Compander

Review | Sound International, Sep 1978

Mel Lambert on the MXR Compander, including a general roundup of noise reduction techniques.


News | Sound International, Oct 1978
Studios & Recording

For there is good news yet to hear and fine things to be seen, before we go to Paradise by way of page thirteen.


News | Sound International, Oct 1978

Prokit 62 Mixer

Review | Sound International, Nov 1978

Mel Lambert takes the Prokit Mixer kit to the ends of the earth (well, Kensington) and finishes up with saved ackers and a useful board.


News | Sound International, Nov 1978

Venue with a menu

Feature | Topic: Live | Sound International, Dec 1978



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