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Logical Progression

Interview | Music Technology, Jul 1989

Ex-Police drummer and self-styled 'tech-head' Stewart Copeland discusses the merits of owning four Fairlight CMIs, why he's in a group called Animal Logic, and how to write an opera. Logical questions: Nicholas Rowland.

Point Blank

Interview | Music Technology, Oct 1987

Yello made the sort of music everyone had heard of but few people heard - until Shirley Bassey helped them into the pop charts. These obscure Swiss art rockers reveal all to Nicholas Rowland.


Review | Music Technology, Jan 1993
Studiomaster powered mixer

Just add speakers and go

Goldstar Procyon

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1994
sequencer for the PC

For many people, the definitive sequencing software for the PC has yet to be written. Could this be it?

Simmons SDE Module

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1987
Percussion Voice Expander

Nick Rowland takes sticks to Simmons pads - and finds a whole load of tuned percussion sounds appearing at the other end. Will drummers start putting xylophonists out of work?

Roland TR626

Review | Music Technology, Nov 1987
Rhythm Composer

Beat crazy. As yet another drum machine arrives on the market, Nicholas Rowland wonders if it's time to get away from the present format.

Through the Software Jungle

Feature | Topic: Buyer's Guide, Sequencing | Micro Music, Aug/Sep 1989

Nicholas Rowland guides us through the tricky process of choosing the best sequencer for our money

Bushfire beatbox

Review | The Mix, Oct 1994
Yamaha RY20

Beatbox rejuvenated

ART Multiverb LTX

Review | Music Technology, Jul 1992
Multi-effects Processor

ART's ever-expanding range of signal processors is intended to cater for musicians of all styles and financial means. Nicholas Rowland test drives a new effects unit whose price belies its power.

Fostex X30

Review | Music Technology, Nov 1987

Take the Fostex X15, restyle it, add new features, raise the price by the cost of a dirty weekend in Blackpool and you've got their new X30 multitracker. Nicholas Rowland finds out if they're on the right track.

Sampled Delights

Feature | Topic: Sampling | Micro Music, Oct/Nov 1989

Nicholas Rowland checks out some amazing sound sources for your sampler

Farfisa TK120 Keyboard

Review | Phaze 1, Nov 1988

House Masters

Interview | Music Technology, Mar 1988

House from home. Nicholas Rowland talks to a British house band who have developed their music from television advertising jingles to chart success.

Casio HZ600

Review | Music Technology, Nov 1987
Portable Keyboard

Budget polysynth or home organ accessory? Casio attempt to find another gap in the market with Spectrum Distortion synthesis. Nicholas Rowland finds it's not too far from old-fashioned analogue.

Roland AX-1

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1993
MIDI Keyboard Controller

'Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye' - as Val Doonican once said. Now you can with Roland's portable MIDI keyboard controller, designed for those with a severe case of guitar envy. Nicholas Rowland discusses the angle of the dangle

Cheetah MD8 Drum Machine

Review | Phaze 1, Nov 1988

Alesis HR16 Drum Machine

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1988

A drum machine that sounds more like a drum kit than anything Ludwig ever made? True or not, Alesis' beat box is going to find its way into a lot of recording studios. Nicholas Rowland returns to his roots.

A Sense Of Scale

Interview | Music Technology, Dec 1987

An English playwrite talks to Nicholas Rowland about the lure of electronic sampling techniques; the sounds of the theatre come of age.

Zoom 9120

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1993
Sound Environment Processor

And still they come... more FX units than you can shake a MIDI lead at. Nicholas Rowland zooms in on the latest and tries to spot the difference.

Beatable Bargains

Feature | Topic: Buyer's Guide | Phaze 1, Jan 1989
BUYING & USING: cheap drums

a buyer's guide to secondhand drum kits

Head Boy & Casual God

Interview | Music Technology, Mar 1988

Talking Heads keyboard player Jerry Harrison talks to Nicholas Rowland about a forthcoming Heads LP and a solo project he calls The Casual Gods.

Breaking The Code

Interview | Music Technology, Dec 1987

Cult masters of industrial funk talk hi-tech sounds, performance CDs and popular commerciality to Nicholas Rowland; the code of the '80s.

Soundcraft Spirit Folio

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1993
Mixing Desk

Q: Just what is a Minister Without Portfolio? A: A leading member of the Government who hasn't got Soundcraft's nifty new portable mixer, that's what. Nicholas Rowland raises questions in The House

2nd Sense Studio

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios | Music Technology, Apr 1988

Take an eight-track tape deck and a 128-track MIDI sequencer and you've got the basis of 2nd Sense studio. Nicholas Rowland visits a studio taking full advantage of what modern technology has to offer.

Roland PM16

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1987
Electronic Drums

Pick up sticks; the latest electronic kit from Roland doesn't come with its own voices but Nicholas Rowland discovers its MIDI converter may have other uses in the studio.



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