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The Art of Propaganda

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jul 1990

Back in 1985, Propaganda made an astonishing debut with 'Dr. Mabuse' and the classic album 'A Secret Wish'. After years of silence, a split with ZTT records, and the departure of three-quarters of the original line-up, Michael Mertens is back with a new-look Propaganda, and feeds the party line to Nigel Humberstone.

A Room Of My Own: Nort & Epichead Studio

Interview | Topic: Home Studio | Sound On Sound, Apr 1993

EMU Proteus 2

Review | Sound On Sound, Nov 1990

Emu's Proteus 16-bit ROM sample player was one of last year's hi-tech highlights — the new Proteus 2 offers the same concept and quality, but with a whole new set of orchestral sounds. Nigel Humberstone conducts the review.

A Room Of My Own: John Crossley

Interview | Topic: Home Studio | Sound On Sound, May 1993

Yamaha TG33 Vector Expander

Review | Sound On Sound, Mar 1991

Yamaha's family of synths and expanders has a new member: a module counterpart to the SY22 keyboard. Nigel Humberstone celebrates the happy event.

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The 90s

Interview | Sound On Sound, Aug 1993
Andy McCluskey

Andy McCluskey reveals his dislike for synth programming and his penchant for the classics.

Bill Nelson

Interview | Sound On Sound, Mar 1991
A Musical Luminary

Bill Nelson remains largely unheard of by the record-buying public, yet his influence on modern musicians has been considerable. Nigel Humberstone visits him at his home studio in Yorkshire.


Interview | Sound On Sound, Sep 1993
Fun In The Waves

Rain Tree Crow

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jun 1991
The Ghost of Japan?

The members of Japan have come together once more, as Rain Tree Crow, after a 9-year hiatus. Nigel Humberstone talks to David Sylvian, Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri about the biggest reunification since Germany.

Dove Tales

Interview | Sound On Sound, Dec 1993
One Dove: Recording Their Debut Album

Korg 03R/W Synth Module

Review | Sound On Sound, May 1992

The sound of Korg's 01/W keyboard is now available in the compact frame of the 03R/W expander. Nigel Humberstone checks it out.

Road Warriors

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jul 1992
On Tour With Nitzer Ebb

Nitzer Ebb are using the tools of technology to recreate their abrasive, challenging sound in a live context. Nigel Humberstone talks to the man who helps to put the show on the road.

Yamaha RY10

Review | Sound On Sound, Jul 1992
Portable Drum Machine

Nigel Humberstone checks out Yamaha's latest miniature marvel — a drum box with a difference.

World Machine

Review | Sound On Sound, Aug 1992
Emu Proteus 3 World

Emu's new Proteus 3 is to hi-tech music what Phileas Fogg is to convenience foods. Nigel Humberstone tries a taste of authentic sounds from around the world.

Art Of The State

Interview | Sound On Sound, Oct 1992

Instrumental music doesn't sell, the UK dance scene is totally bereft of life, and dance bands never produce decent albums. Wrong, wrong, wrong — and 808 State are back with proof. Nigel Humberstone talked to Manchester's finest during the recording of Gorgeous, their third album.

Analogue Lives!

Feature | Topic: Vintage Instruments | Sound On Sound, Nov 1992
The Enduring Appeal Of Classic Synths

Grid Reference

Interview | Sound On Sound, Nov 1992

A Certain Ratio

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jan 1993
Into The Nineties

The Beloved

Interview | Sound On Sound, Mar 1993

A Room Of My Own: Switzerland

Interview | Sound On Sound, Mar 1993

Rebel Yell

Interview | Sound On Sound, Apr 1993



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