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Roland R5

Review | Music Technology, Jul 1989
Human Rhythm Composer

Nigel Lord ruminates over the future of the drum machine as he checks out the budget version of Roland's flagship R8 Human Rhythm Composer. To be human or not to be human, that is the question.

On The Beat - Part 8

Feature | Topic: Drum Programming | Music Technology, Mar 1990

South America: home of Latin rhythms and countless rhythmic influences is this month's port of call for Nigel Lord on his rhythm programming journey.

On The Beat - Part 15

Feature | Topic: Drum Programming | Music Technology, Oct 1990

Who's in the house? On the Beat is in the house - with a close look at what makes house beats and loops kick. Nigel Lord gets wicked in MT's popular drum programming series.

On The Beat - Part 26

Feature | Topic: Drum Programming | Music Technology, Dec 1991

Returning to the subject of classifying rhythms sooner than expected, Nigel Lord investigates the relationship between the beats and the notes.

Steinberg Cubeat

Review | Music Technology, May 1991
Atari Sequencing Software

Son of Cubase: this stripped-down version of Steinberg's powerful sequencer retains many of its best functions. Nigel Lord and ST, and Cubase makes three.


Editorial | Music Technology, May 1993

Pan Handler

Review | The Mix, Jul 1994
Lexicon Vortex

Morphing FX box

Steinberg Cubase - Part 1

Review | Music Technology, Aug 1989
Atari ST Software

They gave us the first industry-standard sequencing software for the Atari ST in Pro24, now Steinberg are making a second bid for Atari domination with Cubase. Nigel Lord says "part two next month...

Alesis Midiverb III

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1990
Digital Reverb

In the beginning was the Midiverb; the Midiverb begat the Midiverb II and the Midiverb II. Nigel Lord checks the latest incarnation of Alesis' standard-setting reverb.

Tascam 688 Midistudio

Review | Music Technology, Nov 1990

Tascam caused a recording revolution when they introduced the world to the Portastudio, now their Midistudio line looks set to take musicians on another quantum leap. Nigel Lord moves into the 21st century.

Fostex X28

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1992
Cassette Multitracker

When cassette multitrackers were new they said everybody should have one - now that there are machines like the X28 around, everybody can. Nigel Lord says small is beautiful.

On The Beat - Part 31

Feature | Topic: Drum Programming | Music Technology, Jun 1992

After some 30 months, Nigel Lord's seminal On The Beat series draws to a close. Over the months, it has covered programming skills and a wide range of drumming and percussion styles, and proved popular with amateurs and pros alike - it will be copied but never bettered.

Time + Space Groove Construction Sample CD

Review | Music Technology, May 1993

Expand your horizons

Review | The Mix, Aug 1994
Roland SDX330

Stereo chorus with that 3-D feeling

On The Beat - Part 1

Feature | Topic: Drum Programming | Music Technology, Aug 1989

This new series on drum machine programming is intended to provide an understanding of the drum patterns which form a wide range of music. Nigel Lord starts close to home with basic pop and rock patterns.

On The Beat - Part 9

Feature | Topic: Drum Programming | Music Technology, Apr 1990

Ignoring the sunshine and the siestas, this month's On The Beat concentrates on the sounds and the instruments of Brazil. Nigel Lord guides us through the samba Batucada and the Maracatu.

Steinberg MIDEX+

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1990
Key Expander/SMPTE Synchroniser

Integration is the name of the game with Steinberg's Midex - a single unit combining a software key expander and a SMPTE synchroniser for the Atari ST. Nigel Lord even likes the colour.

On The Beat - Part 27

Feature | Topic: Drum Programming | Music Technology, Feb 1992

"Build a better mousetrap", they said, "and the world will beat a path to your door". Nobody warned Nigel Lord that writing a drum programming column for MT has the same effect.

ART Multiverb Alpha

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1992
Multi-fx Processor

In their efforts to establish their signal processors as strongly in the UK as they have in the States, ART can't seem to bring out enough effects units. Nigel Lord evaluates the ART with aspirations to be number one.


Editorial | Music Technology, Jun 1993

Roll over Rachmaninov

Review | The Mix, Nov 1994
Oktava MK011

Condenser mic from the East

Steinberg Cubase - Part 2

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1989
Atari ST Software

In the second half of this definitive review. Nigel Lord looks into the editing and scorewriting facilities of Steinberg's latest sequencing software.

Steinberg Cubase v1.5

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1990
Software for the Atari ST

Meanwhile, at the other extreme of ST sequencing, Steinberg's Cubase program gains a real-time MIDI Manager and a large-format monitor. Nigel Lord touches a new base.

On The Beat - Part 16

Feature | Topic: Drum Programming | Music Technology, Dec 1990

Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow - getting away from the 120bpm machine gun, Nigel Lord concentrates on those downtempo numbers in MT's regular drum programming series.

On The Beat - Part 28

Feature | Music Technology, Mar 1992

MT's beatbox programming series survives the acid test of the recording studio. Nigel Lord renews his efforts in bringing the rhythm divine to your drum machine.



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