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How About

Feature | Topic: Vintage Instruments | One Two Testing, Jan 1984

You ask us to review very old and strange instruments. We do it, naturally.

There must be one somewhere

Feature | One Two Testing, Feb 1984
Weird Guitars

Sharp axe collection on view.

Strat Influence

Feature | One Two Testing, Mar 1984

Copyists or Plagiarists?

How About?

Feature | One Two Testing, Apr 1984
Framus Guitars

The history of Framus guitars, by request.

How About?

Feature | One Two Testing, May 1984
Gretsch Guitars

A short history, and what to pay

Guitar Guru

Feature | Making Music, Oct 1986

Otherwise known as Paul Day, who identifies your old, unusual and weird guitars.

Guitar Guru

Feature | Making Music, Nov 1986

Oldies identified: Epiphone, Ibanez, Fender, Eros, Radiotone, Hofner, Rickenbacker, Excetro and Fasan.

Guitar Guru

Feature | Making Music, Dec 1986

Bits of old wood with rusty chrome and split plastic bits are analysed by our resident expert.

Law The Of Armstrong

Feature | One Two Testing, Dec 1984

sixties guitar innovator profiled

Who Did It First?

Feature | Topic: Design, Development & Manufacture | One Two Testing, Sep 1984

the real innovators of guitar-ish gadgetry



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