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HSR Project Round-Up

A complete listing of all projects published to date in the magazine including PCBs, parts, price and availability.

Since the launch of HSR in September 1983 we have carried a variety of practical projects. Many of those published are available as full kits or PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards). The following list contains brief details of all projects published to date, indicating the month it appeared, price of any parts available and addresses of the stockists.

Dynamic Noise Filter - Sept 83

A stereo unit that removes a varying amount of treble dependent on the changing dynamics of the sound. Adjustment of the threshold control allows you to set the level at which filtering affects the signal. Useful for cleaning up hissy tapes and noisy effects units. Kit £29.95 from HSR. A suitable power supply unit is required.

Audio Level Meter - Nov 83

A bar graph type display which allows you to monitor signal levels with either a VU or PPM response. Kit £20.95, PCB only £3.95. Both from HSR. A suitable power supply is required.

Destiny Modular Mixer - Dec 83, Jan, Feb 84

Discontinued. This project was originally marketed by Powertran Cybernetics. No parts or PCBs are available any more.

1kHz Test Oscillator - March 84

A circuit diagram only with little constructional explanation. The text of the original article contained a mistake - the Thermistor should be RA53. No PCB available.

Direct Injection Box - March 84

Circuit diagram only. No PCB available.

Four Channel Attenuator - June 84

A simple and inexpensive device that can be used to attenuate the output level of a mixer. Ideal for matching +4dB down to -10dB. PCB available from HSR £2.95.

Headphone Amplifier - July 84

A comprehensive headphone amplifier providing six individual headphone feeds of any signal input. Ideal for studio use on foldback systems and in Audio-Visual applications. No PCBs are available any longer. Full kit of parts and case now available from Powertran Cybernetics £102.35.

Balanced Microphone Preamp - Aug 84

An ultra low noise microphone preamp with a gain control and 20dB pad switch. PCB available £2.95 from HSR.

Patchbay - Sept 84

A 32 way standard jack patchbay with provision for direct wiring or phono connectors at the rear of the circuit board. No PCBs available but full kit including 2U front panel plus set of sockets and PCBs from Powertran £40.25.

Phantom Power Supply - Oct 84

A 24 volt power supply unit providing phantom powering for two microphones. Suitable for use with all condenser microphones. Circuit diagram (but no PCB) for construction on veroboard.

Boss DE-200 Sound Trigger - Nov 84

A small circuit built on veroboard, this sound trigger allows you to sample a sound into the Boss digital delay unit more easily. No PCB available. Amended overlay diagram in Dec 84 issue.

Stereo Autofader - Nov 84

A useful device providing a variable automatic 'fade-out' of any signal passing through the unit. Fade variable between one and sixty seconds. Suitable power supply required. No PCB available but circuit may be built on veroboard. Amended overlay diagram and circuit modification for 'fade-in' facility appeared in Dec 84.

Modular Rack Effects - Dec 84

Part one in a series of articles which cover the construction of individual effects.

Sub Rack kit to house up to eleven effects modules. £39.95. Dust covers for top and bottom of rack box. £6.95. Blank panels, one unit wide. £2.95. Power Supply unit kit. £33.95. Pro-Gate noise gate kit. £33.95. All modular rack effects kits available from Tantek.

Compressor-Limiter 2 - Jan 85

Part two of the modular effects rack. Full kit from Tantek £36.95.

Dynamic Noise Filter 2 - Feb 85

Part three of the modular effects rack. Full kit from Tantek £32.95.

When ordering any PCB or Kit you should allow a minimum of 28 days for delivery. All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT and carriage. Please order the relevant items from the correct address.

HSR (Mail Order Dept), (Contact Details)
Tantek, (Contact Details)

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Home & Studio Recording - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


Home & Studio Recording - Feb 1985

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman


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