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Home & Studio Recording - February 1985


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Answers to your many written problems.

What's New

New products on the recording horizon.

HiFi Sound - A New Video Standard?

At last! A new system that gives you hi-fidelity sound from a standard video recorder. Could it become the stereo reel-to-reel machine of the future? Judge for yourself.

Pedals In The Studio

'Guitar-style' effects pedals are frowned upon by conscientious recordists but, surprisingly, some can yield very good results as we discovered.

Colin Thurston

Record Producer | Colin Thurston

The man who turned the music of Duran Duran, Kajagoogoo, Human League and Magazine into hits, discloses his hit-making formulae, recording methods and well-equipped home studio.

Using Microphones

Recording The Piano

This month 'Recording The Piano'; where best to place microphones and what type to choose for optimum results.

Return To Zero Part 1

A major new series, beginning this month, that helps readers take their first steps into the world of recording. First off is a comprehensive glossary of recording terms.

Akai MG1212

12 Channel Mixer/12 Track Recorder

Home Studio Recordist

Reader Mark Lowman tells of his X-15 exploits.

Making Records Part 2


Part 2 deals with that crucial part of the record making process - the metalwork stage.

HSR Project Round-Up

A complete listing of all projects published to date in the magazine including PCBs, parts, price and availability.

Dynamic Noise Filter Project Part 3

The third instalment of our series describing the design and construction of a high quality modular effects rack system.

Index To Articles

September 1983 - January 1985

All articles ever featured in HSR from September 83 to January 85 listed for your delectation.

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Our regular update on what's available.

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