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In the first place

So here we are. Page three and already things look very different. A new logo, a new cover, a new layout, new paper even. Most importantly... a new agenda. Not for the first time, MT has reinvented itself and, chameleon-like, shed its old skin and entered a new phase in its development. I won't burden you with stories of sleepless nights, impossible workloads, frayed tempers and hard decision-making. That's what you've just paid us £1.95 for. I will, however, ask you to pay particular attention to the scope of the magazine and perhaps pause to consider why changes were necessary.

Technology has, once more, come to be seen as an enabler; a means of empowerment rather than a millstone round our necks. Though unlikely to be seduced by the 'white heat' of technological development as perhaps we were in the '60s, there is nevertheless a new willingness to embrace it and investigate the possibilities it opens up for us. And in the creative arts those possibilities could be limitless. Could be? Well, that depends very much on what we believe to be possible and how few restrictions we impose on ourselves.

The process through which Music Technology has become, simply, MT has been one of shedding self-imposed restrictions. We haven't achieved it in a single issue; there's more to cover than 100 pages could possibly allow. But we know where we're headed. And from here it looks fascinating.

Your comments and observations - as ever - are gratefully received.

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Music Technology - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


Music Technology - Aug 1993

Editorial by Nigel Lord

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