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The biggest music instrument trade fair in the world took place in Chicago recently. The NAMM (National Association of Musical Merchandisers) held their annual Expo convention at McCormick Place.

The whole of American's instrument trade was there and most manufacturers were exhibiting. Buyers from all over the world visited including a strong British contingent who were as interested in selling British wares as in looking for items to sell in the U.K.

The British contingent, as may be imagined, flew a combined flag for much of the time and could be seen together seeking world wide deals and pushing British products not only in the U.S.A., but to the many Japanese and third world buyers who were there.

Visitors from the U.K. included Ivor Arbiter and Andrew Wallace of CBS/Arbiter who were naturally based on the giant CBS stand, Larry Macari of Colorsound and Cliff Cooper of Orange who could both be found on the Musonic stand, Jim and Rene Marshall, Derek Morris of Rose-Morris, James and Martin How, Craig Bradley and Ken Achard of Top Gear, Bob Birthwright of Canary, George Osztreicher of Cardiff Music Strings, Gene Ashworth of Chingford Organs, Keith Beckingham — naturally on the Hammond Organ stand, Don McCril of Take 5, James Coppock of Fletcher, Coppock and Newman, Dave Martin (newly promoted) and Peter Stien of GMS, Gordon Gibbons of Gem, Dickie Wren of Farfisa and Phil Dudderidge of Soundcraft.

Many well known international music executives who are frequent visitors to the U.K. were naturally on hand and a few from the long list are Leo Quan, Manual Huber (FM Acoustic), Ernie Briefel, Bob Moog, (demonstrating his polyphonic synthesiser), Dave Fredericks (who replied with ARP), Gail Martin (Cerwin Vega), Steve Marks (Acoustic), Willie Davoli and Roy Fliss (Hilton Electronics).


RUPERT NEVE have recently announced the sale of ten BCM 10/2 broadcast consoles to the Iraqui Broadcasting, Television and Cinema Establishment. Due to be installed before the end of the year, this marks the second substantial order from Iraq's national broadcasting authority in the last 18 months.

Alan Foster, Sales Director of Rupert Neve, remarked that "It is extremely gratifying to see our business grow in a part of the world that has such potential."

He added that Neve look forward to significant orders in the future as they continue to expand in the Middle East.


THE WELL known American range of sound equipment, Cerwin Vega, has been launched on the U.K. market.

Long a coveted import item, the equipment includes a 2K Bass Bin which, it is claimed, produces 148 dB at the horn mouth from an enclosure measuring 48" x 32" x 24". Several models are rated over 400 watts, with sound pressure levels reaching 120 dB plus.

Cerwin Vega (U.K.) is being handled by Managing Director Don Purkiss who can be reached by telephone at (Contact Details).


TWO NEW condensor microphones have been introduced by Kay.

The KCM.44 is a professional condensor mike which is supplied with pen light battery and windshield.

A KSH.22 mike holder is available which provides insulation against shock.


JASMYN ELECTRONICS - a new Edinburgh based company — have announced the introduction of a professional power amplifier.

Called the IC500, the amp is a four channel unit capable of delivering 600 watt RMS into 4 ohms. Protection against overloading, thermal or electric, and open and short circuits is built in. The price is around £229. A matching three-way crossover unit for P.A. systems of 1000 watts and over is shortly to be launched and the company is currently working on a two manual electronic organ.


CALREC AUDIO have taken the highly unusual step of reducing many popular microphone prices by as much as 35 per cent.

The news was made in time for the recent APRS exhibition and, as might be expected, stimulated considerable interest in these lines.


BLACKFOOT SUE, currently touring the U.K., made a guest appearance on the Vitavox stand at the recent APRS Exhibition in London.

Under International Musician's sponsorship, the band are conducting field trials on Vitavox Thunderbolt bins and will be reporting to Vitavox and International Musician on their performance in the next month or so.

Thunderbolt bins represent the first step into the professional group amplification market by Vitavox, a company with a long history of loudspeaker manufacturing.

The picture shows the band (centre) with Managing Director Neil Young (far left) and Technical Director David Young (far right).


CBS/ARBITER and Dallas are combining to stage their own show for the musical instrument trade from August 17 to 21. During this period several trade shows are being held in Central London, including the British Musical Instrument Trade Fair.

CBS/Arbiter and Dallas are of particular importance to the trade this year for several reasons. The first is that it is a new liaison between the companies following CBS/Arbiter's financial involvement with Dallas a few months ago. It is also important because several impressive new products will be launched at the show. It is also Dallas' 100th year of trading.

Arbiter Auto-Tune drums will be a major new product at the show which is to be held on the second floor of the Fender Soundhouse in London's Tottenham Court Road. The floor is being considerably enlarged for the show to incorporate the many CBS/Arbiter and Dallas products.

The usual CBS/Arbiter products will be on display, including Fender guitars and amplification, Rogers drums, and Rhodes electronic keyboards. Dallas are also re-launching the Vox range of amps. There will be several demonstrations during the show including the first ever U.K. visit by Harold Rhodes, inventor of the electric piano which bears his name. Other visitors and demonstrators will include Big Jim Sullivan, Jon Hiseman, Gordon Beach and Carl Palmer.

Visitors will undoubtedly be particularly interested to see Auto-Tune drums for the first time. The drums are based on a revolutionary principal of head tensioning which permits the player to tension heads from one central socket on the drum shell. Not only does this make head changing a matter of seconds, it also means that tuning (to a particular note for instance) can be achieved with far greater ease than with a conventional rod-tensioned drum.


DAVE MARTIN of General Music Strings, has been promoted to Sales and Marketing Manager.

He is now responsible for the world-wide sales of GMS' Picato, Monopole, Ambassador and Red Dragon music strings as well as P & N microphone stands and accessories.

Although being based at the Company's Treforest office in South Wales, he will also be travelling the world promoting sales.


BEN PAGE of B. Page & Son (Sound Equipment) Ltd. is sensibly making use of the centralising of the music industry executives in London in August to stage his own show for the trade.

At the same time as the main AMII show is taking place, Page are showing their ranges of Sunn, Dynacord, Morley Pedals, Micro-Frets and Command Speakers at the Ivanhoe Hotel on Bloomsbury Street.


FOR THE first time, aficionados of Orange Sound Equipment will be able to purchase the same gear in black.

Cliff Cooper, Managing Director of Orange Musical Industries, announced recently that Orange gear would soon be available in black, for a minimal increase in price.


THAT UNUSUAL keyboard instrument the Mellotron has re-emerged as a new model. Many musicians believe that synthesisers can't offer the sound obtainable with Mellotrons and a Mark-5 Dual manual is the most sophisticated model yet.

It's a two manual instrument set side by side. The manuals each offer 23A octaves and they can be panned throughout the stereo image. An important sophistication is a governer which ensures that the instrument remains stable in temperatures ranging from 10 to 55 degrees centigrade and that voltage variations of 20 per cent will not affect tone of more important pitch.

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International Musician & Recording World - Copyright: Cover Publications Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.


International Musician - Aug 1975

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman


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