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One of the great names of British-made percussion products, Hayman, is set for a rebirth in the very near future in a surprise re-launch from John & Ivor Arbiter Ltd (U.K distributors of Paiste cymbals, among other products).

Older readers may well recall the tremendous impact Hayman drums made on the U.K. scene back in the late 1960's when the maker George Hayman headed-up a team of specialists in the launch of a product range which was to challenge even the top U.S. manufacturers. Perhaps the team's major achievement at that time was the development of a new durable shell featuring the 'vibrasonic' lining. Apart from this, they also introduced the round 'Hayman lug', and managed to capture a large market share during the 1970's.

The musical instrument industry, by its very nature, goes in cycles and now, in a team led by Ivor Arbiter (formerly Managing Director of Dallas Arbiter, the original builders of Hayman products, and one of the most influential figures in British percussion products), Hayman is back.

Launched in full style, Hayman aren't restricting themselves to a limited range. Kits being promoted as we go to press on this issue include the Hayman Showman HS5 (22x16 power bass drum, 12x10 power tom, 13x11 power tom, 16x16 floor tom, 14x6 1/2 chromed twin bead steel shell snare, hi-hat pedal, snare stand, cymbal stand, boom stand and bass drum pedal). Watch out too for the Hayman Showman HS810 with 8x8 and 10x8 power toms.

The Hayman Showman HS7 is a 7-piece kit with specs, similar to those on the HS5 plus 8x8 and 10x8 power toms, as above.

Yet another new Hayman kit is the Universal HU5, featuring 22x14 bass drum, 12x8 tom, 13x9 tom, 16x16 floor tom and a 14x5 1/2 chromed steel shell twin bead snare.

Not content with drums alone, Hayman also have their own 'Showman' full range of stands and hardware. The kits themselves come with the Showman in a choice of shades of high-gloss finishes including jet black, vibrant red and showman silver. The Universal kit comes in a 'lustrous grain finish' - either black or white.

Special features claimed by the makers include the Hayman Vibrasonic drum shells made of 9-ply mahogany, heat moulded to what Hayman claim to be 'perfect roundness'. The shell is then finished with the 'exclusive Hayman vibrasonic lining to ensure that tone, power and volume are generated across the full sound spectrum', they say.

The makers also tell us that the Hayman lug is vibrasonically insulated from the shell by an acoustic felt pad; 'helping to create the fuller tone associated with all Hayman drums'.

Finally, all Hayman Showman and Universal Kits come supplied with additional tension rods, lug inserts and cymbal felts, as well as a drum key, as standard.

IT hopes to be reviewing one of the second generation Hayman kits in the not too distant future; meanwhile, interested readers can find out more by contacting Hayman Drums c/o John & Ivor Arbiter Ltd., (Contact Details).

Yamaha in 'Grand' Upgrade

Yamaha, in their quest to make ever bigger inroads into the percussion market, have announced the introduction of a new mid-price range of kits, the 8000 series, due to arrive around April/May, which replaces the previous 7000 Series. Apparently Yamaha's new line will have lot going for it, featuring birch and mahogany shells (similar to those on the rapidly prospering 9000 Series) and a number of new features which mark definite improvements over the old 7000 range.

In addition to the new shells, a newly designed separate lug system has been introduced, and the new kits will be offered in 'regular" and 'power" versions in both shell sets and individual drums.

Other features of the new 8000 series include pinstripe (top) and clear (bottom) heads as standard, a 6 1/2" wood snare in the range (a new departure for Yamaha) and colour ranges which will include solid black and possibly either red or blue.

Prices at the time IT went to press are hard to guess at as the 8000 series is so new, but expect a substantial cost saving over the much vaunted 9000 range.

More info on Yamaha drums and percussion from Yamaha Musical Instruments Ltd., (Contact Details).

Roland add MIDI to Electro-Drums

Roland are about to join the electronic digital drum kit league - but with a MIDI interface capability which makes their new DDR-30 system vitally interesting.

The new outfit comprises the DDR-30 Digital Drum Module along with two different kinds of pads; the PD-10 Bass Drum pad and the PD-20 Snare pad. These pads comprise a three layer construction; particle board, rubber and film.

The DDR-30 will have six drum voices (bass drum, snare and four toms). Four different PCM digital sounds are provided for each voice, the Edit function allows the preset sound to be freely modified, Roland tell us, over thirteen parameters, including Voice, Pitch, Attack and Eq. It's also going to be possible to store modified sounds in the DDR-30's memory, with up to 8 kinds per voice. Moreover, the DDR-30 can memorise 32 combinations of sound per voice.

The DDR-30 will be touch sensitive, not only in terms of loudness but also for tone and attack. A 16-digit display indicates both patch and programme numbers and the unit also spells out the modified parameter name, so that's it's easy to identify. Importantly, the DDR-30 can be used as a drum sound source for a MIDI sending unit. Don't expect to see this new Roland gear in the shops just now, though. This is advance news - but do keep your eyes open for its arrival.

Drummers (and others) wanting more details should contact Roland (U.K) Ltd direct for more details. You can reach them at (Contact Details).

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In Tune - Apr 1985

Donated by: Gordon Reid


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