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More bits that won't be at Frankfurt

String-driven Things

New wizardry from Marlin

Distributors British Music Strings have just announced the release of two guitars which promise high quality at low cost. Hardly an original claim, of course, but the Marlin 'State of the Art' bass and lead do look very nice for an RRP of £225 each. The ML-40 guitar comes fitted with an 'Accutune' locking trem system, machined from solid brass, a Rock Maple neck with tilt adjustment and Rosewood fingerboard, and two humbucking Powersound pickups. Finishes range from the traditional to the exotic (metallic blue sunburst with black binding? They got it.)

The bass version, the ML-60B, comes in only six finishes (are bass players less outrageous?) but does feature both strip and split pickups for tonal variety.

Further details on both models from BMS Ltd, (Contact Details).

Power products

More power

Soundcraft Electronics, concerned by the march of digital technology into that last bastion of analogue, power amplification, have responded by developing a whole new range of amps, the SA series, which employ both Mosfet and Bipolar output devices, together with some hush-hush design features resulting in a series of power amps with such good response to rapid transient peaks that Soundcraft have felt obliged to coin a new term – 'Pulse Power' – to describe it.

There are four amps in the series: the SA150, designed for small high performance audio systems, is rated at 2x135 watts RMS into 4 ohms, and capable of reaching a maximum of 450 watts per channel for a 10ms dynamic peak.

The SA600, a general purpose device is suited to a full range system, or as an LF section to the 150's HF, is rated at 2x220 watts RMS into 4 ohms, with a Pulse Power peak of 700 watts per channel. The SA1000 has a similar range of applications, rated at 2x525 watts in normal use, and can handle up to 1400 watts per channel at peak.

Top of the range, the SA2000, is designed for all top quality applications, delivering 2x740 watts in normal, and 3000 watts per channel in 'peak' use. Not surprising, then, that the mighty SA2000 also comes fitted with extra large heat sinks and a fan cooling system.

More info on all the above from Soundcraft, on: (Contact Details).

Summer Schools Out

If you can't tell a VCA from a DA, but'd like to, then Middlesex Polytechnic's summer school might be just the thing you're looking for. Held this year between July 14th and August 15th, their Introduction To Electronic Music Making course needs no formal entrance requirements, and aims to provide you with 'skill in the use and application of sound recording techniques and the VCS3 synthesiser with keyboard attachment' (ie not the place to brush up your FM programming routines!) Course fee is £125, accommodation on the pretty Poly's campus can be provided; and central London is 30 minutes away by tube.

If this sounds like your idea of fun, more info on this and the Poly's other summer schools, can be had from Admissions Enquiries, on (Contact Details).

Nu ideas

Any musicians languishing in what seems to be a musical desert, wishing for no more than a few like-minded souls to be creative with, need languish no longer. Nu-Line is a service designed expressly to help musicians meet – and hopefully form working relationships with – other musicians and bands. A kind of musical version of Dateline, if you like. Musicians seeking bands, or vice versa, need only write for a form, fill it in (details of instruments played/desired, other abilities like backing singing, transport etc) and return it with the necessary fee. In return Nu-Line will oblige with an initial 20 contacts. The musician or band remains on the books until s/he or it achieves the desired union.

Nu-Line is also especially helpful to bands looking for musicians in that they can vet and select candidates so that the band or musician does not have to deal with excessive numbers of musicians, many of whom will be unsuitable.

The rates are as follows; Pro bands seeking musicians, £20; Pro musicians seeking bands, £10; Non pro bands seeking musicians £10; Non pro musicians seeking bands £8. All of which represents very good value for money, bearing in mind that an ad in Melody Maker would cost you at least as much and would only run for one week. Nu-Line are intending to work in all spheres of music from local bands, to top recording stars, and have already aided the likes of Then Jericho, and Adamcos.

Contact: Nu-Line Promotions, (Contact Details).

New friends for the Commodore

Video Stars

The Commodore home micro, so long beloved by amateur micromusic fiends, finally looks like making it into the big time of pro recording set-ups, thanks to Soundtracs' innovative CMS2 interface for their CM4400 mixing console. Linking to the CM4400's RS232 port, the CMS2 allows a C64 to store mutes or even whole patch changes in memory, or to floppy disk, and to sync those patches to SMPTE or EBU timecode.

Now provided with eight events controllers, the CMS2 provides a complete video synchronisation package with 32 input, 24-track monitor console, for less than £20,000. So all you budding Godley & Cremes better get saving.

More details from Soundout Laboratories, on (Contact Details).

Part time

Part & Parcel, suppliers of guitar and bass hardware, have their 1986 catalogue out now, and it might well be of interest to axepersons living beyond reach of reliable music shops. The catalogue lists bridges, pickups, machine heads and thingummies for Fender, Gibson and just about every other guitartype you can think of – scratch plates can be cut to order, and a whole variety of 'hard to get' items like locking nuts and bass tremolo systems are supplied. For the real enthusiast there is also a headless bass kit available...

A new feature of the catalogue is the introduction of the Gelf range of guitar and bass combos. Best of all, though – the catalogue is free. Just send a large SAE to: Part & Parcel, (Contact Details).

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