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On Tape

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1. Joey Demento Marc Almond

(Some Bizarre)
A rarely heard song from Marc and his Willing Sinners.

2. LINN 9000

The music and the methods of operation of this innovative drum machine/recorder.

3. Pearl Kit

A demo of Pearl's DRX-1 electronic kit.

4. Secret Agent Katrina

© K. Bihari
This month's system piece has an oriental flavour.

5. CK 500

Casio's 'four track' put through its paces.

6. Readers' Demos

Two groups: Stress and Film Polski.

7. Sound Editing

Sound editing: audible demos using the CX5M and JMS's Six-Trak Editor program.

8. Chinatown (Hot Gossip) John L. Walters & Richard Burgess

© Heisenberg Int'l (UK) Ltd.
Richard Burgess and friends.

9. Oh God Artificial Intelligence

A piece of music that shows off the Spectrum sampler to startling effect.

10. Multi-Trak

Sound and music from Sequential's new synth.

11. QX7/TX7

Sequencer and expander in unison - two of Yamaha's newest and finest.

12. Stockhausen

The great man on tape: with words and music - an excerpt from Telemusic.

13. Demo Of The Month

This month - Carlo, with his upful You Can't Play With Love.

14. Pedal Effects

The sound effects/possibilities of the Vesta pedals.

15. DK 80

Siel's new synth - sounds and music.

16. Obeah Pressure The Mad Professor

© Mad Professor
A dub from a master.

17. Sampler Program

© Mike Shipway
The sampler program in two sections:
(ii) Machine Code.
Load both into your Spectrum to use.


This month's ES&CM cassette was produced by Curtis Schwartz at Berry Farm Studios.


Multitrack: Fostex B16
Mixing: Raindirk desk
Monitoring: Tannoy Reds
Mics: Neuman, AKG, Shure, Sennheiser
Effects: AKG Plate reverb, Korg digital delays
Additional: Revox A77, B77 ¼" machines

Thanks to: Marc Almond, Richard Burgess, Mad Professor, Mike Shipway, Stockhausen

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Lead Lines

Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music - Copyright: Cover Publications Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.


Electronic Soundmaker - May 1985

Donated by: Ian Sanderson


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> Lead Lines

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