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Pocket Guitarist

Article from One Two Testing, August 1985

what goes on in the Levis

We asked Johnno, guitarist with Chelmsford rockers Metal Guru, to turn out his pockets in the One Two office. This is what we found:

Nail clippers. "You can also stop your nails growing by not eating."

Five-pin DIN plug. "I snipped this off the end of (keyboard player) Harry's MIDI lead. He hasn't noticed yet."

Seven plectrums. "There's a shaped Herdim Heavy for bass — very rare."

Very thin round guitar tool. "Never use it."

Duracell AA. "Doesn't work."

Two 45 rpm record adaptors. "I think the plastic might come in useful."

Four assorted Allen keys. "Not one of these fits a socket anywhere."

Small screwdriver. "Really useful — only the metal bit slips in the handle."

Music For Miners badge. "Remember the miners?"

One Irish 10p, one Spanish pesata, three half-pences. "We played one gig in Ireland and the van driver was Spanish. I think we ended up 1½p better off."

Heart-shaped red button. "From the shirt of the girl in the front row at the Irish gig. What was her name now...

Red paper clip. "I just like it — it was from a letter that the record company sent me, only it was meant for someone in one of their other bands."

Small-jack to big-jack adaptor. "I bought it to play my Walkman through my combo for music before the gigs, but I got the wrong one."

Four assorted fuses. "The 5 amp one is from my combo's plug and definitely doesn't work, the orange one is from Harry's 2CV lighting circuit."

Alligator clip. "For hanging on to your alligator."

Two plastic rawlplugs. "I tried to put a shelf on me wall to hold the guitar cases. It sort of fell off. The landlord said we've got soft walls or something."

Tuning fork. "The analogue type."

Packet perfumed Dhoop sticks. "Don't let them see those whatever you do."

Classical guitar bridge peg. "Someone nicked the guitar but left this peg — it's sort of sentimental. It forced me to get into electric guitar."

Guitar control pot. "It's a bit broken, isn't it?"

Kaiser Freidrich Quelle AG bottle opener. I bought it in Woolies."

Speaker cable. "I s'pose it must be for a speaker."

Carlsberg Copenhagen beer mat. "I carry one around everywhere cos you always find yourself at the table without the beer mat, have you noticed?"

3M Medium glass paper. "From when I shaved my Telecaster down to the wood."

Red rubber guitarist. "A mascot. And he plays better than I do."

One big hook. "I take it to all the gigs so's I can screw it into the dressing room door and put me coat on it. I like things to be tidy."

Guinness pencil sharpener. "From the Irish tour. Well, one gig."

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Publisher: One Two Testing - IPC Magazines Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.

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One Two Testing - Aug 1985

Donated by: Colin Potter




Previous article in this issue:

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Next article in this issue:

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