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Studio Diary

It's that time of the month again...

Would it spoil the party if you knew that Steve Hackett and Asia have been at it again at Silo and West Side studios? Would it brighten your lives up if you were informed that Kirsty McColl has recorded a version of Billy Bragg's 'New England' with Steve Lillywhite and the delectable Marilyn was being manhandled by the unspeakably clever Don Was (Not Was)? How would you feel if you heard that the Cockney Rejects had been in at Matrix with Gary Edwards? What would you say if a little birdy let on that Howard Jones and Rupert Hine were putting their little cockatooed heads together on the new album at Farmyard?

Still, that's enough about you...

Cop the production on Lenny Henry's LP, whilst appreciating that the content isn't exactly right on and ideologically correct the instrumentation and knob twiddling is diverse, sparkling and generality swell. The perpetrators? Why, I-Level, a team featuring strongly in the vanguard of the new family of producers who don't wear distempered leather jerkins or carry aluminium briefcases. Another young buck behind some stirring sounds presently emanating from Merseyside is Ian Broudie who has recently taken the wimpoid niceness of the Pale Fountains and produced a much manlier din altogether.

An anonymous guttersnipe residing in the Fulham area couldn't help but notice the Jack Daniels lorry parked outside Granny's Studio. Anybody with their head screwed up will realise that this could have only meant one thing. Frankie Miller was set in getting herself produced by Bells share holder Brian Robertson. A spokesman for the studio told the lowly hack that Robertson's health food kick has proved very successful and he hopes to have kicked it completely by March. And before you ask, Frankie does say Heeuugh! Frequently...

Australian unnaturals, The Moodists, took to Livingstone to lay down more of that fine cacophony for Red Flame records and purveyors of meaningful clanks, SPK, took over with David Motion leading them into battle...

Sting's solo do has now taken him to Rock City where he has also been flinging the odd switch for A Bigger Splash while Gary 'We'll take more care of you' Numan crashed the gaff with Pete Buhlmann to do some more of that there Electronic Rock 'n' Roll for Numa records...

Various components of what once was Roxy Music have materialised in various recordenhausens throughout this fair land. The man responsible for a thousand surrogate warbles and a similar number of Anthony Price suits, Rhett Davies, has dragged a Northern Soul Boy called Bryan Ferry into the up and coming Air Studios to begin a solo album and hopefully start a career. Back down at the Townhouse, old Roxy guitar and sax men Andy Mackay and Phil Manzanera are now in firm collaboration and calling themselves The Explorers and the sounds they are producing are some kinda wonderful. There'll be a long player out soon which you should blag without question...

The Colour Field have hauled themselves from the depths of lethargy and Coventry to bang down a coupla cheery ditties with 'Fun' Hugh Jones at Strawberry as the deranged Mancunian collective Durutti Column bashed and a-hollered under the selfsame roof and became Fac 4012 before they'd even realised that Stuart Pickering had it all on the spools...

Mick Ronson: seeing eye to eye with One The Juggler

Mick Ronson, once the proud owner of the Galaxy's longest guitar strap, has now taken to slinging Surrey Sound's mixing desk round his knees and producing self-styled Romany groaners, One The Juggler. "Never before have so many silly hats gathered in one room," commented a passing David Shilling...

From tiny acorns do too many cooks look before they leap out of the mouths of babes into the frying pan. Yep, Nyam, Nyam, (who have a mystically handled guitarist called Trevor) who we as a magazine have nurtured since they were mere sperms now find themselves in a proper grown-ups studio in Scotland, namely Palladium. Beggars Banquet is the lucky label. Colin Richardson is the crazed fader raiser. Remember us boys woncha? Other bands to have recently crossed the Palladium threshold include native Scots Friends Again who are blessed with a diamante guitar sound and a fair inkling about tunes and the Breakfast Boys about whom no-one seems to know anything at all...

Alvin Stardust turned up at CBS Studios to get some Rockin' ideas and controversial lyrics down. Unbeknown to him, super crooner Andy Williams has paced the very same carpet moments before he had entered. Mr Starfish is 27, Mr Williams is some multiple thereof...

Mark Knopfler, the only mortal to make Bob Harris sound like Michael O'Hare, has taken the controls for Van Morrison soundalike, Paul Brady. Knopfler, a victim of a varispeed accident in childhood, commented that the album was, "er... kinda... mmm."

Going back to the West Side Story... Dexy's Midnight Runners, now in their 43rd incarnation, continue to work upon the musical opus that is to be their next album.

Workers of the world unite! Paul Young is back at the Workhouse flexing his dulcets for CBS. Laurie Latham, still in shock after hearing the news that Paul had written one of his own songs, was drafted in to oversee and engineer the project. Depeche Mode also showed in their favourite British studio and with the assistance of Mr Resynthesis, Daniel Miller and Gareth Jones committed nice noises to master (and servant)...

The Diary competition is quite simple this month. He's been spotted in Utopia, he's been signed by Phonogram... but who is Darren?

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International Musician - Feb 1985

Recording World

Feature by Adrian Deevoy

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